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The Graduates school recognizes the important role faculty and staff members play in graduate student success. We share resources to help you support, mentor, and reward graduate students.

You'll find policies, program information and more in the Graduate Catalog

The Graduate School has compiled a wealth of data regarding graduate student enrollment, admissions, retention and degree conferral, funding, and post-graduation career plans. The information is presented in an interactive manner, so you can find data for a program, college, or the university. Information about climate surveys, the Graduate Education Task Force report, and other reports also can be found on this website.

If you wish to advertise an assistantship opening or fellowship to graduate students, submit a one-paragraph summary of the most important details (minimum qualifications, start/end dates, type of assistantship, how and by when to apply) and a link to further information through our GLC Weekly submission form by Friday before the Monday on which the posting is to appear.   You can review examples of previous posts at GLC Weekly

A variety of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships are sponsored by the Graduate School. Eligibility requirements, funding amounts and the nomination process vary for each opportunity; see details on this page. Contact us at if you have questions or need assistance

Policy 3400 outlines protocols for awarding and managing scholarships and similar awards (fellowships) held by the Virginia Tech Foundation.  This policy is effective for graduate and professional level awards July 1, 2011. Technical assistance is available from the Foundation or the Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid (USFA).

Students' financial aid awards might be impacted by assistantship or fellowship offers. To ensure coordination between the variety of awards and appointments a student may receive, departments should enter student appointments in Banner HR as early as possible, ideally no less than 21 days prior to the beginning of any term and for the entire academic or calendar year when possible.  Late entries of awards and appointments may conflict with financial aid awards and could negatively impact students.

In demonstrating its commitment to be work-life friendly, Virginia Tech aims to provide a supportive environment for graduate students in their choice to give birth or adopt a child, or attend to a medical emergency, while simultaneously acknowledging the department's need for continuation of the work being provided by the graduate student as a GTA, GRA, or GA. The Work-Life Grant Program provides temporary financial assistance to departments to enable them to continue their support for graduate students on assistantship during periods of pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, and medical emergency (login to VT Google suite is required for accessing the request form).

In summer 2022 all paper-based and pdf forms have been reviewed and revised, introducing a new design, streamlining content, and providing a single form-submission portal  for all forms. All pdf forms are now in fillable format allowing electronic signatures. The redesigned forms website provides an easier-to-navigate structure for all of the forms, as well as a short description of the function of each form. 

The Graduate School distributes a twice-monthly newsletter that we archive at this blog site. The blog preserve these communications to graduate program directors (GPDs) and graduate coordinators regarding upcoming events, policy updates, administrative announcements and important deadlines. 

A checklist provides an overview of Graduate Program Director (GPD) responsibilities. Depending on the size and organization of a department or graduate program, some of these responsibilities might be shared by Graduate Coordinators. 

New Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) and Graduate Coordinators (GCs) may wish to seek access to a variety of systems and resources in service of carrying out their duties in graduate education. Learn what these are and how to request access.

The Graduate School supports departments and graduate programs in their graduate recruitment efforts and shares materials that can be used by any department or program. Contact us at 540-231-8636 or at for assistance with your recruitment.

  • 2023-24 Graduate School Recruitment Brochure.
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) brochure, with information about Individualized, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. (IPhD) program.
  • Request a coordinated site visit for groups affiliated with an institution or department. Visits will include an overview of our admissions processes and a session with the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Strategic Partnerships. Each coordinated visit is customized for the particular needs of the group. 

Annually recurring events and deadlines have been compiled into a calendar for your quick overview.