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Inclusion and Diversity Requirement

Graphic showing the components of the Inclusion and Diversity Requirement

Virginia Tech is preparing its graduate students to recognize and address issues around diversity and inclusion that are ingrained in every aspect of our society. The Inclusion and Diversity requirement, emphasizes the guiding values of the institution and takes an active stance in training students to be allies and advocates in their respective disciplines.

The adoption of this requirement, which goes into effect in Spring 2022, creates a universal standard to showcase our commitment to an inclusive graduate education for all students and promote ut prosim (service). While the future challenges are unknown upon post-graduation, this requirement equips graduate students with the necessary tools to be active and present in those moments.

We will add more requirement plans from schools and units as they are approved. 

You'll find a link to the policy requiring inclusion and diversity plans below, followed by links to the approved inclusion and diversity requirement plans. All are accessible to the public on a a Google Drive and are grouped by college. Note that several colleges and programs still are finalizing their plans.