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Graduate Student at the Roanoke Higher Education Center

Virginia Tech offers graduate certificates in a wide range of disciplines across the university's colleges and campuses. Some also are offered online. The following list provides links to the Graduate Catalog page for each certificate program. The catalog pages provide a link to the online application system, admission requirements, and course requirements for completing the certificate. Contact information and campuses on which the certificates are provided on the catalog page, as well as links to program websites. Note that some programs are in development, and we will provide links to their program pages in the Graduate Catalog as they become available.

You'll find a link to the Graduate Certificate application below, and a link to our Data pages related to graduate certificate enrollment and completion.

To learn more about our graduate certificates and the process for applying to them, please watch the following video:

Africana Studies

Applied Statistics

Arts Leadership

Big Data

Biobased Materials

Business Analytics and Data Mining

Cognition and Education

Collaborative Community Leadership

Cybersecurity Engineering

Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity Technologies

Data Analytics

Disaster Resilience and Risk Management

Economic Development

Economic Risk and Global Inequality

Educational Research

Engineering Education

Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Environmental Politics and Policy

Foundations of Political Analysis

Future Professoriate

Geospatial Information Technology


Global Planning and International Development Studies

Global Sustainability

Health Information Technology

Higher Education Administration

Homeland Security Policy

Hospitality and Tourism Analytics and Revenue Management

Human Centered Design

Human Factors of Transportation Safety

Human-Computer Interactions

Human Sexuality Studies

Human-System Integration

Inclusion and Diversity

Information Policy and Society

Information Systems Design

Information Technology Management

Integrative STEM Education

Interdisciplinary Water and Health Science

International Hospitality and Tourism Strategy

International Research Abroad

Internet and Network Technologies

Leadership for an Aging Society

Learning Sciences

Local Government Management

Material Culture and Public Humanities

Metropolitan Studies

Middle East Politics and Society  

Mission Engineering

Multidisciplinary Research in International Development

Natural Resources

Naval Engineering

Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization Management

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Science, Technology, and Policy

Politics and Policy Studies of Science and Technology

Problem Solving for Leading Change

Public Health

Public History

Public and Nonprofit Financial Management

Race and Social Policy

Religious Studies

Remote Sensing

Research in Translational Medicine

Science, Technology, and Engineering in Policy

Science and Technology Studies

Security Studies

Software Development

Technology Management

Transportation Planning and Policy

Urban Computing

Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Management

Urban Planning Analytics

Watershed Management

Women's and Gender Studies