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About the Graduate School

The former Alumni Hall is part of the Graduate Life Center at Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Graduate School is responsible for the development, administration, and evaluation of graduate education throughout the University, and administers all graduate degrees. 

The Graduate School currently offers more than 150 master's and doctoral programs for almost 7,000 students at multiple locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, through partnerships with the University of Maryland and Wake Forest University, and at several international sites.

We are committed to building and nurturing an inclusive community where scholars from all backgrounds and academic disciplines can be curious, learn from each other, and serve as leaders in a continually changing, increasingly global setting.

Our Transformative Graduate Education experience empowers students and faculty to address the complex challenges of today’s society and tomorrow’s future.

Aimee Surprenant serves Dean for Graduate Education. She is committed to  building a strong, diverse and inclusive graduate community.  


We offer courses, research, and training programs at the Blacksburg campus and at five other campuses located across Virginia.

Visit our Community Calendar to find out what is happening at the Graduate School and the Graduate Life Center.