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Getting ready to apply

If you are new to the process of applying to graduate school, this  video can provide some helpful overview information on the  basics, including what getting a degree involves, the structure of academia, and logistics of applying. The video was produced in 2013, but all of the information in it remains important and relevant for students preparing to apply to Graduate School.

Finding your program

Whether you are looking for a traditional graduate degree, a certificate, an accelerated Masters program, or an interdisciplinary graduate program, we have something for you.

Once you have identified the program/degree you are interested in, find out about its specific requirements and deadlines on its website or in the graduate catalog.

Graduate School Deadlines

Check to make sure you start preparing  with enough time to submit your application before both the Graduate School deadlines and the departmental deadlines (which may be different).

Application Fee Waivers

Veterans and other applicants are eligible for waivers of the application fee. Please visit our application fees page for more information.  

Letters of Recommendation

Students applying for admission to graduate degree programs are asked to include letters of recommendation with their application. Figuring out who to ask, how to ask, and what the letter writer might need can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are webpages offering good suggestions to help you with that process. Here are two we like that were developed by our peer institutions.

Cornell University offers a page of tips on asking for letters of recommendation, including the information you should provide to a potential letter writer, and topics to discuss when asking for that letter. You can find Cornell’s tips page via this link.

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (known as OWL) offers a great guide on the process, from getting organized to connecting with the people who write those letters after the application process. Here is the link to the OWL webpage.

Where to find more information

Visit our How To Apply page for further information on the application process.

If you have questions specific to a department, please contact them directly.  You can find contact information on each program page in the graduate catalog.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion can help answer questions and provide resources as you navigate your way through the application process.