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Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

Hundreds of students attend the Graduate Teaching Assistant workshop each fall

More than 1,200 Graduate Teaching Assistants support the undergraduate teaching mission at Virginia Tech across its colleges. The Graduate School has developed a workshop aimed at providing our GTAs with the required training and resources that are available to support them as GTAs and their undergraduate students.

Dedicated faculty, staff, and award-winning graduate students share their experiences, discuss recommendations and give advice that will help GTA develop their teaching skills and abilities.

The workshop introduces GTAs to resources that are available to design a course, manage a class, create an inclusive classroom, communicate effectively with students from different backgrounds and disciplines, resolve conflicts, use technology in teaching and learning environments, develop rubrics, and promote academic integrity.

Students also learn about laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Practices Act (FERPA) and Title IX. Other topics include learning management systems and securing their computers and devices.

Material covered in the GTA workshop helps students perform better in their teaching assignments and support of undergraduate students. It prepares them for both academic or industrial positions, and gives them the opportunity to excel in their assignments and take leadership roles, as many have done.

GTAs also can join the Academy for GTA Excellence, which was developed to provide them with an opportunity to enhance their teaching knowledge and skills with advanced education and training in innovative teaching and learning strategies. Academy members share tips, best practices, and ideas, and network with peers across disciplines and colleges. The Academy also recognizes excellence in teaching by graduate students.

For Spring 2024, the workshop will be on Thursday, January 11, 8:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m. in the Graduate Life Center auditorium.

For Fall, 2024, the works hop will be on Tuesday, August 20, location TBD.