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GTA Workshop

Hundreds of students attend the Graduate Teaching Assistant workshop each fall

The GTA Workshop course (GRAD 5004) is required for new GTAs (not for GAs or GRAs). GTAs must take it once during their graduate program, ideally in their first semester. Phase I of the GTA workshop is always on Tuesday before classes begin in the fall, and always on Thursday before classes begin in the spring

The workshop is designed with new GTAs in mind, and many excellent faculty and experienced graduate students from across campus volunteer to share their skills, experience, and advice with those beginning as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). Participating students have an opportunity to share questions and challenges with students from other disciplines.


Spring 2023 GTA Workshop

  • Phase I schedule:  Thursday, January 12, 2023 - Full day workshop, 8:30am-4:00pm at the Graduate LIfe Center. Lunch will be served.
If you are participating in Phase I via Zoom, register for the Zoom session here.

  • Phase II schedule:   Phase II of the GTA workshop is made up of smaller sessions on a variety of topics,  from which students select what best fits their interests and needs.  Enrolled students will be informed about criteria for each session and how to access the content.


Fall 2023 GTA Workshop

Phase 1 Schedule: Tuesday August 15, 2023, Full day workshop in the Moss Arts Center, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm. Lunch will be served.

Registration for GRAD 5004 Course

Students may register for the GTA Workshop during the regular course request and drop/add periods. Register at least a week in advance of Phase I sessions to ensure that you get added to the course Canvas site before Phase I begins. 

Registration for GRAD 5004 Phase II Sessions

Students who register for the course will receive instructions about the Phase I schedule and specifics about participation as well as about enrolling in Phase II sessions.

Doctoral student Najla Mouchrek is pursuing an Individualized Interdisciplinary Ph.D. at Virginia Tech

Evaluation and Credit for GRAD 5004

This is a pass/fail class. To receive credit for GRAD 5004, students must attend all of the sessions in Phase I and the required number of sessions in Phase II. In addition, they must write and submit an acceptable reflection of their GTA experiences and challenges.  Specific instructions will be provided to enrolled students.

Future GTA workshop dates:
Fall 2023: Tuesday, August 15

For more information, see our frequently asked questions.

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