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Transformative Graduate Education Experience

Here, we offer you more than just a degree program. We help you prepare, connect, succeed, and standout.

Based in the innovative Graduate Life Center, all of our programs, courses, workshops and support services are rooted in the four pillars of the Transformative Graduate Education Initiative: knowledge, leadership, scholarly inquiry, and social responsibility.

We complement academic disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary research and collaboration across fields. We provide professional development opportunities and support for career professionals and future professors. And we do all of this with an emphasis on inclusion, diversity, ethics, technology, and global perspectives.

While at Virginia Tech, you will be part of a strong, inclusive, supportive community of graduate students, faculty and administrators.

Get an education that crosses disciplinary boundaries and prepares you for solving real-world problems, no matter what field you’re in.

The Transformative Graduate Education Initiative

Ways to Expand Your Graduate School Experience

Supplement your degree through one of the programs below, or see the full list of courses we offer.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Earn a degree from one of our programs designed to span departmental borders, or design your own interdisciplinary Ph.D.

Professional Development

Take advantage of our professional development seminars, technology training, career counseling, and more, aimed at helping you attain your professional goals in government, industry, or academe.

Teacher Training for GTAs and Future Faculty

Apply for membership in our Academy for Graduate Teaching Excellence to learn and hone teaching skills for a college-level classroom, or take courses toward the Future Professoriate Graduate Certificate. Find out more about the Graduate School's extensive GTA training workshop.

Citizen Scholar Program

Use your academic and research skills to solve real-world problems in the community.

Diversity Scholars Program

Build awareness, knowledge, and skills that will help you become a better advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Global Perspectives Fellowship

Travel abroad to see what higher education administration and research practices are like around the world, and work with peers at institutions in other countries.

Graduate Honor Societies

Students engaged in interdisciplinary research can apply to the Interdisciplinary Research Honor Society, and students in any discipline can apply to the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honorary Society.