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Non-degree Programs

Commonwealth Campus

Qualified students who wish to enroll in selected graduate courses may do so in the Commonwealth Campus program.

Examples of students who seek admission into the Commonwealth Campus program include in- or out-of-state students who

a) may qualify for regular admission but do not currently wish to work for a graduate degree;

b) do not qualify for admission because of a poor undergraduate record but who have several years of appropriate professional experience and wish to improve their credentials;

c) require graduate courses for professional certification; or

d) are not U.S. citizens and are in a visa status that does not prohibit enrollment.

This classification is open to individuals who hold an earned baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited postsecondary institution. Students may take up to 12 hours of course work if they remain in good academic standing (students may petition to be allowed to take more courses). Students may not earn a graduate degree while enrolled in the Commonwealth Campus program.

Those students enrolled in courses as Commonwealth Campus students who later decide to pursue a graduate degree from Virginia Tech must make formal application for admission to the Graduate School. Students seeking to pursue graduate course work in the Commonwealth Campus program must complete the Application for Graduate Study and submit a transcript or a copy of their diploma for the highest degree attained.

A determination of the applicability of any courses and credits earned while enrolled as a student in the Commonwealth Campus program will be made following admission. The acceptability of any courses and credits towards a degree is at the discretion of the department. For additional information and guidelines for this program, please contact the appropriate academic department, the Graduate School, or any Virginia Tech academic center.

Students enrolled in the Commonwealth Campus program will be charged out-of-state tuition rates unless they provide documentation verifying their in-state residency.  After being admitted, students can submit documentation using this form.  The form also describes which documents are needed to qualify for in-state tuition.

Non-Degree Student Status

For an applicant with a bachelor's or higher degree, who qualifies for admission to the Graduate School as a regular student but who does not wish to or cannot be listed as a degree candidate for one of the following reasons: a) does not currently desire to work toward a graduate degree; b) desires to transfer the credits for use toward a graduate degree at another institution; or c) there currently is no higher degree available at the university other than the one the applicant currently holds in the department or field of study. The university places no limits on the total number of hours that may be taken as a non-degree student. "Non-degree" graduate students are not eligible for graduate assistantships.

Credits earned by students in either the provisional or non-degree status may be used in meeting degree requirements if recommended by the student's advisory committee and department head and approved by the Graduate School. All students in these admission categories should seek faculty counsel before any course work is taken.

Visiting Graduate Students

A graduate student in good standing at another university may be permitted to take graduate courses by submitting a Visiting Graduate Student Letter of Approval.