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Your Voice Matters

The Graduate School has been very responsive to a wide range of graduate student concerns, such as child care needs, fees, health insurance, parking, and more.  Although the Graduate School might not be able to solve all the problems, we provide several ways that students can express their concerns.

Ways to have your voice heard


The Graduate and Professional Student Senate  represents students’ concerns, and serves as a liaison between graduate students and University Administration.

Meet the Dean

Dean Aimee Surprenant meets regularly with students over doughnuts or lunch or during other casual events. We post those events in the weekly Graduate School email. You also can contact her office to arrange a personal meeting with her. 

Other Resources

Accessibility-Services for students with disabilities.

Meet with the Graduate Student Ombuds.  The Ombudsperson is an confidential and impartial resource that can help you navigate conflict.

The university is committed to providing an environment of work, study, and leisure/recreation for students, faculty, and staff that is free from all forms of harassment, intimidation, fear, coercion, and exploitation. Learn more about the university's efforts to stop abuse. The website includes resources and educational information.

For more information about reporting  harassment and other negative actions, visit this website. Students can report experiences of bias, harassment, and discrimination, as well as file a complaint, ask for advice, express a concern, or simply tell someone. 

Visit these webpages on the Ombuds website to learn more about disrupting academic bullying.

Climate Surveys

The Graduate School conducts climate surveys every three years to find out what graduate students need and want in an inclusive education community, and what issues and challenges they face as they pursue their education and research goals. You’ll find the results from the most recent surveys – 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2022 – at this website. The reports include both data compiled from the surveys, and excerpts from students’ comments in response to survey questions.


If you have questions about specific issues related to graduate school, check the Contact Us page for information on who to call.

Weekly information

Every Monday,  students receive an email from the Graduate School with announcements and information about upcoming events, opportunities, and jobs. Dean Surprenant also sends out a weekly update newsletter on Fridays during fall and spring semesters. Information is also posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  For listing of the regular on going programs, Blacksburg students can visit the GLC website and D.C. Area students can visit the Hokie One Stop page.