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Preparing the Future Professoriate

Many academic and business leaders and the public have challenged colleges and universities to embrace change to ensure the viability of the higher education enterprise.

Rather than settle for the status quo and witness a probable decline in sustainability, advocates for change argue that it is time to create new models and new methods of training for the future professoriate, who will become the faculty and academic leaders of tomorrow.

The Graduate School has taken up this challenge. One of the key elements of the Transformative Graduate Education initiative is a focus on Preparing the Future Professoriate. From the  extensive and innovative Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) training workshop and seminars,  to the Future Professoriate certificate, to our Academy for GTA Excellence, we focus on helping our students succeed and standout among their peers across the globe.

Explore the opportunities, such as the Future Professoriate certificate, the Global Perspectives Program, and the Academy for GTA Excellence.