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Office of the Dean

portrait of Aimee Surprenant Smiling
Aimée Surprenant, Virginia Tech photo.

Dr. Aimee Surprenant, Dean 

Potrait photo of Bill Huckle
William Huckle, Virginia Tech photo

Dr. William Huckle, Associate Dean

Portrait of Monika Gibson
Monika Gibson. Virginia Tech photo

Monika Gibson, Chief of Staff

portrait photo of Kevin Edgar
Kevin Edgar. Virginia Tech photo

Dr. Kevin Edgar, Associate Dean

Barbara Hoopes
Barbara Hoopes, Virginia Tech photo

Barbara Hoopes, Interim Associate Dean, Falls Church

Carrie Mayer
Carrie Mayer, Virginia Tech photo

Carrie Mayer, Operations and Training Coordinator

Misti Acosta smiling
Misti Acosta, Virginia Tech photo

Misti Acosta, Advisor      

Janice Austin
Janice Austin, Virginia Tech photo

Dr. Janice Austin, Assistant Dean and Director

Zack Burton
Zack Burton, Virginia Tech photo

Zack Burton, Advisor       

Sheldon Fuller smiling
Sheldon Fuller, Virginia Tech photo

Sheldon Fuller, Senior Software Designer

Matthew Grice in portrait
Matthew Grice, Virginia Tech photo

Matthew Grice, Assistant Director

Raihana Saidy in the Deans Suite
Raihana Saidy

Raihana Saidy, Advisor

Jennifer Million
Jennifer Million, Virginia Tech photo
Priscilla Wright smiling
Priscilla Wright, Virginia Tech photo
Sarah Wright smiling
Sarah Wright, Virginia Tech photo

Sarah Wright, Support Assistant

Kacy Lawrence smiling
Kacy Lawrence, Virginia Tech photo

Kacy Lawrence, Director 

Marin Riegger, Graduate School Child Care Coordinator.
Marin Riegger, Virginia Tech photo

Marin Riegger, Childcare Initiatives Coordinator

Cathy Grimes
Cathy Grimes, Virginia Tech photo

Cathy Grimes, Director

Catherine Cotrupi stands outside in front of a brick building and trees
Catherine Cotrupi. Virginia Tech photo

Dr. Catherine Cotrupi, Interim Assistant Dean and Director

Gwen Davis smiling
Gwen Davis, Virginia Tech photo

Gwen Davis, Director

Amanda Pettigrew smiling in room 120 of the Graduate Life Center
Amanda Pettigrew, Virginia Tech photo

Amanda Pettigrew, Business Coordinator

Lauren Surface
Lauren Surface, Virginia Tech photo

Lauren Surface, Director

Will Hutton smiling in front of a Virginia Tech backdrop
Will Hutton, Virginia Tech photo

Will Hutton, Coordinator

Lindsay Barron, smiling
Lindsay Barron, Virginia Tech photo

Lindsay Barron, Coordinator

Adey Kefenie smiling
Adey Kefenie, Virginia Tech photo

Adey Kefenie, Generalist

Bryan Hanson smiling
Bryan Hanson, Virginia Tech photo

Bryan Hanson, Ombuds

Photo of Torri Brown
Torri Brown, Virginia Tech photo

Torri Brown, Admissions and Academic Progress, Falls Church

Corinne Julien standing next to Hokie stone, smiling
Corinne Julien, Virginia Tech photo

Corinne Julien,  Assistant Director, Admissions & Academic Progress, Blacksburg and Falls Church

Ginny Wagg smiling
Ginny Wagg, Director of Administration

Ginny Wagg, Director of Administration, Falls Church

Laura Cooper standing next to Hokie Stone, smiling
Laura Cooper, Virginia Tech photo

Laura Cooper, Advisor, Admissions and Academic Progress, Falls Church

Bryan Mitchell smiling
Bryan Mitchell

Bryan Mitchell,  Director of Student Services, Hokie One Stop, Alexandria