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Upcoming Defenses

  • Emma Todoroff (PHD, CE) Emma Coleman Todoroff (PHD, CE)
    10/22/21 3:00 PM
    An Aggregate Measure of Bicycle Commuting and its Relationship with Heart Disease Prevalence in the United States
    @ 113 Patton Hall
  • Mo Hu (PHD, CE) Mo Hu (PHD, CE)
    10/26/21 9:30 AM
    Preference Construction and Decision-Making for Green Infrastructure: How Do Behavioral Interventions Influence Choice and Neurocognition?
    @ 200K Patton Hall
  • Niket Sharma (PHD, CHE) Niket Sharma (PHD, CHE)
    10/26/21 2:00 PM
    Integrated Process Modeling and Data Analytics for Optimizing Polyolefin Manufacturing
    @ 285 Goodwin Hall
  • Shaun Respess (PHD, ASPT) Shaun Douglas Respess (PHD, ASPT)
    10/27/21 10:00 AM
    The Ethics of (Dis)connection: Understanding 'Care' Through Phenomena of Despair
    @ 427 Major Williams Hall
  • Monika Chauhan (PHD, AE) Monika Chauhan (PHD, AE)
    10/27/21 11:30 AM
    Stability, LES, and Resolvent analysis of thermally non-uniform supersonic jet noise
    @ 655 McBryde Hall
  • Vibin Abraham (PHD, CHEM) Vibin Abraham (PHD, CHEM)
    10/27/21 1:00 PM
    Modern Electronic Structure Theory using Tensor Product States
    @ 225 Davidson Hall
  • Kylie Ryan (PHD, BIOL) Kylie Meghan Ryan (PHD, BIOL)
    10/27/21 2:00 PM
    Structural Studies of the Bacterial Histidine Kinases RetS and GacS, Key Components of the Multikinase Network that Controls the Switch Between a Motile Invasive Lifestyle and a Sessile Biofilm Lifestyle in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    @ 2084 Derring Hall
  • Ai Lin Chin (PHD, CHE) Ai Lin Chin (PHD, CHE)
    10/28/21 10:00 AM
    Development of Implantable Optical Fibers for Immunotherapeutics Delivery and Tumor Impedance Measurement
    @ 285 Goodwin Hall
  • Pei Wang (MS, CSA) Pei Wang (MS, CSA)
    12/1/21 10:00 AM
    Generative Chatbot Framework for Cybergrooming Prevention
    @ 320 VT-UVA Northern VA Center

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