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Upcoming Defenses

  • Tali Cohen (MFA, ENCW) Tali Sharon Cohen (MFA, ENCW)
    4/19/19 1:00 PM
    @ 316 Shanks Hall
  • Caitlin McDaniel (MA, COMM) Caitlin Christine McDaniel (MA, COMM)
    4/19/19 2:00 PM
    Madoff Madness: A Textual Analysis of the SEC's response to the Madoff Ponzi Scheme
    @ 116 Shanks Hall
  • Maria Scaptura (MS, SOC) Maria Nicole Scaptura (MS, SOC)
    4/22/19 9:00 AM
    Masculinity Threat, Misogyny, and the Celebration of Violence in White Men
    @ 607 McBryde Hall
  • Sanchit Singh (PHD, ISE) Sanchit Singh (PHD, ISE)
    4/22/19 1:00 PM
    Modeling, Analysis, and Algorithmic Development of Some Scheduling and Logistics Problems Arising in Biomass Supply Chain, Hybrid Flow Shops, and Assembly Job Shops
    @ 260 Durham Hall
  • Mohammed Almannaa (PHD, CE) Mohammed Hamad Almannaa (PHD, CE)
    4/22/19 1:00 PM
    @ 1001 VT Transportation Institute
  • Travis Murphy (PHD, CHE) Travis Wilson Murphy (PHD, CHE)
    4/22/19 3:00 PM
    Microfluidic tools for molecular analysis and engineering
    @ 285 Goodwin Hall
  • Meng Wu (PHD, CPE) Meng Wu (PHD, CPE)
    4/23/19 12:30 PM
    Static Analysis and Runtime Enforcement for Critical Applications
    @ 330 Durham Hall
  • Adnan Lodhi (PHD, CE) Adnan Ghaffar Lodhi (PHD, CE)
    4/24/19 10:00 AM
    A Decision Support System for Indirect Potable Reuse Based on Integrated Modeling
    @ GENERAL Occoquan Watershed Lab
  • Jianger Yu (PHD, CHE) Jianger Yu (PHD, CHE)
    4/24/19 3:00 PM
    Establishing the Conditions for Stable Extrusion of Melt Spun Polyacrylonitrile with Water Based Plasticizers
    @ 289 Goodwin Hall
  • Andrew Napiecek (MS, AE) Andrew Webster Napiecek (MS, AE)
    4/24/19 3:30 PM
    Spatial Resolution of Equatorial Plasma Depletions Using Variable-Range Time-Delay Integration
    @ A14 Graduate Life Center
  • Shreyas Ramesh (MS, CSA) Shreyas Ramesh (MS, CSA)
    4/25/19 1:00 PM
    Deep Learning for Taxonomy Prediction
    @ 1110 Knowledgeworks II
  • Niti Sharma (MS, CSA) Niti Sharma (MS, CSA)
    4/25/19 2:30 PM
    Impact of increased cache misses on runtime performance of MPX-enabled systems
    @ 1127 Knowledgeworks II
  • James Dickmann (PHD, CHE) James Scott Dickmann (PHD, CHE)
    4/26/19 8:00 AM
    Volumetric Properties and Viscosity of Fluid Mixtures at High Pressures:  Lubricants and Ionic Liquids
    @ 285 Goodwin Hall
  • Imen Tanniche (PHD, BSE) Imen Tanniche (PHD, BSE)
    4/26/19 9:00 AM
    New Methods of DNA Assembly, Gene Regulation with a Synthetic sRNA, and Cyanobacterium Phenotype Monitoring with Raman Spectroscopy
    @ 106 Human & Ag Bio Science 1
  • Nathen Baker (MA, PSCI) Nathen Michael Baker (MA, PSCI)
    4/26/19 6:00 PM
    Syria: In Need of Vision
    @ 502 Major Williams Hall
  • Mark Kozy (MS, EE) Mark Alexander Kozy (MS, EE)
    4/29/19 11:00 AM
    Applying Deep-Q Networks to Target Tracking to Improve Cognitive Radar and Implementing Markov Decision Processes onto a Software Defined Platform to Demonstrate Cognitive Radar
    @ 430 Durham Hall

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