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Upcoming Defenses

  • Scott Mouring (MS, ME) Scott William Mouring (MS, ME)
    8/2/21 8:30 AM
    Development of a Self-Calibrating MEMS Pressure Sensor Using a Liquid-to-Vapor Phase Change
    @ 190 Goodwin Hall
  • Ye Hu (PHD, EE) Ye Hu (PHD, EE)
    8/2/21 9:00 AM
    Game Theory and Learning for Optimization of Integrated Satellite Drone Terrestrial Communication System
    @ 475B Whittemore Hall
  • Stephen Juma (PHD, BXBR) Stephen O Juma (PHD, BXBR)
    8/2/21 10:00 AM
    Two Essays on Hope and Consumer Behavior
    @ 354 VT-UVA Northern VA Center
  • Abdelaziz Alsharawy (PHD, ECSG) Abdelaziz Mohammed Alsharawy (PHD, ECSG)
    8/3/21 11:00 AM
    The Context-Dependence of Risk
    @ 3016 Pamplin Hall
  • Tian Shi (PHD, CSA) Tian Shi (PHD, CSA)
    8/3/21 1:00 PM
    Novel Algorithms for Understanding Online Reviews
    @ GENERAL Kelly Hall
  • Hao-Hsuan Chang (PHD, EE) Hao-Hsuan Chang (PHD, EE)
    8/3/21 2:00 PM
    Deep Reinforcement Learning for Next Generation Wireless Networks with Echo State Networks
    @ 430 Durham Hall
  • James Young (MS, GEOG) James Russell Young (MS, GEOG)
    8/4/21 9:00 AM
    An Evaluation of DEM Generation Methods Using a Pixel-Based Landslide Detection Algorithm
    @ 238A Wallace Hall
  • Hanwen Liu (MS, CSA) Hanwen Liu (MS, CSA)
    8/4/21 4:30 PM
    Detecting code duplications in the NPM community
    @ GENERAL VT-UVA Northern VA Center
  • Ashraful Haque (PHD, EE) Ashraful Haque (PHD, EE)
    8/5/21 10:00 AM
    A Deep Learning-based Dynamic Demand Response Framework
    @ 5-024 VT Research Ctr-Arlington
  • Mohammad Javad Javaherian Hamedani (PHD, AE) Mohammad Javad Javaherian Hamedani (PHD, AE)
    8/5/21 11:00 AM
    An Experimental Study of the Fluid- Structure Interactions of Water Entry of Compliant Structures
    @ 655 McBryde Hall
  • Rafael Goncalves (MS, ME) Rafael dos Santos Goncalves (MS, ME)
    8/5/21 2:00 PM
    Applications of Vibration-Based Occupant Inference in Frailty Diagnosis through Passive, In-Situ Gait Monitoring
    @ 109A Patton Hall
  • Weiming Chen (PHD, MSE) Weiming Chen (PHD, MSE)
    8/5/21 2:30 PM
    Modeling of thermal transport properties in metallic and oxide fuels
    @ 142 Randolph Hall
  • Gokcen Yilmaz Dayanikli (PHD, EE) Gokcen Yilmaz Dayanikli (PHD, EE)
    8/5/21 2:30 PM
    Electromagnetic Interference Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory, Demonstration, and Defense
    @ 3-024 VT Research Ctr-Arlington
  • Minh Duong (PHD, LSFS) Minh Dao Duong (PHD, LSFS)
    8/6/21 11:00 AM
    Assessment of Farmers Market Practices and Characteristics to Inform the Development of Tailored Educational Materials
    @ 108 Human & Ag Bio Science 1
  • Ruhee Dcunha (PHD, CHEM) Ruhee Lancelot Dcunha (PHD, CHEM)
    8/6/21 1:00 PM
    Towards an Improved Method for the Prediction of Linear Response Properties of Small Organic Molecules
    @ 283 Davidson Hall
  • Anmol Haque (MS, CE) Anmol Haque (MS, CE)
    8/9/21 10:00 AM
    Impact of interdependent physical and social characteristics on housing recovery following tropical cyclones
    @ 08 Patton Hall
  • Keerthana Bhogi (MS, EE) Keerthana Bhogi (MS, EE)
    8/9/21 11:00 AM
    Two New Applications of Tensors to Machine Learning for Wireless Communications
    @ 457A Whittemore Hall
  • Archi Dasgupta (PHD, CSA) Archi Dasgupta (PHD, CSA)
    8/9/21 11:00 AM
    Rethinking Smart Home Design: Integrating Technologically-driven Design Thinking and Architectural Practices
    @ 1110 Knowledgeworks II
  • Lura Pitchford (PHD, PHYS) Lura Katherine Pitchford (PHD, PHYS)
    8/9/21 1:00 PM
    Star formation in unobscured quasars
    @ 304 Robeson Hall
  • Kayla Shirley (MS, ENE) Kayla Celeste Shirley (MS, ENE)
    8/9/21 6:30 PM
    Utilizing Machine Learning for Managing Groundwater Supply
    @ 220A Patton Hall
  • Wenchuo Yao (PHD, CE) Wenchuo Yao (PHD, CE)
    8/10/21 2:00 PM
    Assessing Human Exposure to Emissions from Ultrasonic Humidifiers
    @ 421 Durham Hall
  • Sumved Ravi (MS, CPE) Sumved Reddy Ravi (MS, CPE)
    8/11/21 10:00 AM
    Integration of CNNs into Decision Trees: Automatic Clustering and Classification of Images
    @ 100 Durham Hall
  • Ishi Keenum (PHD, CE) Ishi Medora Keenum (PHD, CE)
    8/11/21 2:00 PM
    Assessing vulnerabilities to the spread of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in agricultural and water systems using culture-, molecular -, and metagenomic-based techniques
    @ 261 Durham Hall
  • Nathaniel Llorens (MS, CSA) Nathaniel Roman Llorens (MS, CSA)
    8/12/21 3:00 PM
    Evaluating Collaborative Cues for Affinity Diagramming Tasks in Augmented Reality
    @ 1101 Knowledgeworks II
  • Yongce Chen (PHD, EE) Yongce Chen (PHD, EE)
    8/12/21 3:00 PM
    Modeling, Analysis, and Real-Time Design for Many-Antenna MIMO Networks
    @ 2010 Torgersen Hall
  • Arian Vezvaee (PHD, PHYS) Arian Vezvaee (PHD, PHYS)
    8/12/21 3:30 PM
    Quantum spins in semiconductor nanostructures: Hyperfine interactions and optical control
    @ 304 Robeson Hall
  • Kevin Silas (MS, ME) Kevin Alexander Silas (MS, ME)
    8/13/21 7:00 AM
    Phase Transform Time Delay Estimation to Counteract Spectral Haystacking Effects in Jet Exhaust Flow Measurements
    @ 425 Goodwin Hall

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