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Upcoming Defenses

  • Anjaney Kothari (PHD, BMES) Anjaney Kothari (PHD, BMES)
    9/19/19 2:00 PM
    Investigating the Spatiotemporal Variation in Functional Markers, Gut Metabolites and Ethanol Toxicity in In Vitro Cultures of the Rat Jejunum and Hepatocytes
    @ 200 Kelly Hall
  • Bijo Sebastian (PHD, ME) Bijo Sebastian (PHD, ME)
    9/19/19 3:00 PM
    Traversability Estimation Techniques for Improved Navigation of Tracked Mobile Robots
    @ 285 Goodwin Hall
  • David Nasca (MA, PSCI) David Stephen Nasca (MA, PSCI)
    9/19/19 3:00 PM
    The All-Volunteer Force and Presidential Use of Military Force
    @ 502 Major Williams Hall
  • Kate Vaiknoras (PHD, ECAG) Kate Alyse Vaiknoras (PHD, ECAG)
    9/20/19 11:00 AM
    Three Essays on Adoption and Impact of Agricultural Technologies
    @ 320 Hutcheson Hall
  • Abul Azad (PHD, EE) Abul K. Azad (PHD, EE)
    9/20/19 2:00 PM
    Robust Speech Filter And Voice Encoder Parameter Estimation using the Phase-Phase Correlator
    @ 320 VT-UVA Northern VA Center
  • Mana Jalali (MS, EE) Mana Jalali (MS, EE)
    9/23/19 11:00 AM
    Voltage Regulation of Smart Grids using Machine Learning Tools
    @ 654 Whittemore Hall
  • Megan Stevenson (MS, GEOG) Megan Nicole Stevenson (MS, GEOG)
    9/25/19 10:00 AM
    The Effects of Land Cover Change on the Spatial Distribution of Lyme disease in Northern Virginia Since 2005
    @ GENERAL Graduate Life Ctr
  • Jesse Radolinski (PHD, CSES) Jesse Benjamin Radolinski (PHD, CSES)
    9/26/19 9:00 AM
    Illuminating controls on solute and water transport in the critical zone
    @ 337 Smyth Hall
  • Sunish Vadakkeveetil (PHD, ME) Sunish Vadakkeveetil (PHD, ME)
    9/26/19 9:00 AM
    Multi-Length Scale Modeling of Rubber Tribology For Tire Application
    @ 100L Randolph Hall
  • Amanda Becchetti (MS, SOC) Amanda Lee Becchetti (MS, SOC)
    9/30/19 10:00 AM
    Turn-Taking Behaviors in the Physics Classroom
    @ 566 McBryde Hall
  • Xin He (PHD, BIOL) Xin He (PHD, BIOL)
    9/30/19 10:30 AM
    Characterization of LYSMD3, A Novel Epithelial Cell Pattern Recognition Receptor for Chitin
    @ 101 Life Sciences 1 Facility
  • Cotiso Andrei Bura (PHD, MATH) Cotiso Andrei Bura (PHD, MATH)
    10/15/19 2:00 PM
    @ 563 McBryde Hall
  • Kuljeet Kaur (PHD, CHEM) Kuljeet Kaur (PHD, CHEM)
    12/6/19 9:00 AM
    Synthesis, evaluation, and applications of hydrogen sulfide-releasing supramolecular materials
    @ GENERAL Davidson Hall

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