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Upcoming Defenses

  • Linda Jantzen (PHD, STS) Linda Carol Jantzen (PHD, STS)
    7/23/24 2:30 PM
    Operationalizing Data Culture: The US Army's Engagements With Data Science 1963-2023
    @ 6-022 VT Research Ctr - Arlington
  • Zacary Croft (PHD, CHEM) Zacary Lane Croft (PHD, CHEM)
    7/24/24 2:00 PM
    Design and Fabrication of Polymer/Graphene Laminate Thin Films
    @ 225 Davidson Hall
  • Benjamin Akhtar (MS, CPE) Benjamin Asad Akhtar (MS, CPE)
    7/25/24 11:00 AM
    Practial Private Federated Learning
    @ 353 Durham Hall
  • David Edwards (PHD, STAT) David Linville Edwards (PHD, STAT)
    7/25/24 1:00 PM
    Quantifying Changes in Social Polarization Over Time and Region
    @ 418A Hutcheson Hall
  • Azat Nurmukhametov (PHD, ECSG) Azat Nurmukhametov (PHD, ECSG)
    7/26/24 8:30 AM
    Three Essays in Labor Economics
    @ 3001 Pamplin Hall
  • Meghan Failor (MS, FOR) Meghan Nicole Failor (MS, FOR)
    7/29/24 9:30 AM
    Tree Canopy Cover Response to Land Development Policies in Fairfax County
    @ 147 Julian Cheatham Hall
  • Ryan Gellner (PHD, BMES) Ryan Aaron Gellner (PHD, BMES)
    7/29/24 10:00 AM
    Optimal Head Impact Signal Processing and the Description and Perception of Head Impact Exposure in Female Adolescent Ice Hockey Players
    @ 210 Kelly Hall
  • Prajakta Nitin Wale (MS, ME) Prajakta Nitin Wale (MS, ME)
    7/30/24 10:00 AM
    @ 313E Goodwin Hall
  • Catherine Jula (MS, BMVS) Catherine Antonia Jula (MS, BMVS)
    7/31/24 8:00 AM
    Single dose pharmacokinetics of pimobendan in healthy horses
    @ 220 Vet Med Instructional Addition
  • Shahwar Khursheed (MS, EE) Shahwar Atiq Khursheed (MS, EE)
    7/31/24 10:00 AM
    Cooperative Payload Transportation by UAVs: A Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning (MBDRL) Application
    @ 267 Whittemore Hall
  • Cassidy Nelson (PHD, ISE) Cassidy Rae Nelson (PHD, ISE)
    7/31/24 12:00 PM
    Human Factors Design and Evaluation of Augmented Reality for Mass Casualty Incident Triage
    @ 260 Durham Hall
  • James Mahan (MA, FLCL) James R Mahan (MA, FLCL)
    7/31/24 1:00 PM
    Appréciation thermodynamique des Rougon-Macquart d'Émile Zola
    @ GENERAL Graduate Life Ctr
  • Aaron Price (MF, FOR) Aaron Cooper Price (MF, FOR)
    7/31/24 1:00 PM
    Exploring the Impact of Climate and Productivity on Soil Carbon Across the Native Range of Loblolly Pine
    @ 315 Julian Cheatham Hall
  • Parcilla Salley (EDD, ELPS) Parcilla Salley (EDD, ELPS)
    7/31/24 1:00 PM
    The Perceptions of Teachers Regarding the Instructional Practices and School Leadership Supports that Contributed to High Pass Rates in Algebra I for Minority Students in Rural Schools
    @ 300 VT Richmond Center
  • Alexander Noll (MS, ISE) Alexander Baldrich Benoni Noll (MS, ISE)
    8/1/24 9:00 AM
    Quantifying the Reliability of Performance Time and User Perceptions Obtained from Passive Exoskeleton Evaluations
    @ 542 Whittemore Hall
  • Doyee Byun (PHD, PHYS) Doyee Byun (PHD, PHYS)
    8/1/24 9:30 AM
    A Study of Quasar Outflows: Physical Characteristics and Feedback Effects
    @ 1060 Pamplin Hall
  • Namrata Shanmukh Panji (PHD, CE) Namrata Shanmukh Panji (PHD, CE)
    8/1/24 12:00 PM
    Atmospheric Impact of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds: Improving Measurement and Modeling Capabilities
    @ 261 Durham Hall
  • Kelsey Reed (PHD, HORT) Kelsey Madison Reed (PHD, HORT)
    8/2/24 1:00 PM
    The Use of Morphogenic Transcription Factors to Enhance Plant Regeneration
    @ 102 Fralin Biotechnology Center
  • Kylie Davidson (PHD, CSA) Kylie Marie Davidson (PHD, CSA)
    8/6/24 3:00 PM
    Exploring Immersive Sensemaking: Integrating Expert and Novice Strategies to Shape Organizational Features in Immersive Space to Think
    @ 3210 Torgersen Hall
  • Babatomiwa Kikiowo (MS, BMVS) Babatomiwa Kikiowo (MS, BMVS)
    8/14/24 10:00 AM
    Exploring a Novel Anti-Gonococcal Compound for Combatting Drug-Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae
    @ 121 Vet Med Phase 1
  • Juselyn Tupik (PHD, BMVS) Juselyn Dorien Tupik (PHD, BMVS)
    8/19/24 1:00 PM
    Battling Bacteria: Characterizing the NOD-Like Receptor (NLR) Immune Response to Brucella abortus and Borrelia burgdorferi in Host-pathogen Interactions
    @ 220 Vet Med Instructional Addition

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