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Upcoming Defenses

  • Guoqing Wang (PHD, APSC) Guoqing Wang (PHD, APSC)
    4/23/18 10:00 AM
    Effects of dietary macronutrient composition and exogenous neuropeptide Y on adipose tissue development in broiler chicks
    @ 1770 Litton Reaves Hall
  • Wei Sun (PHD, EDCI) Wei Sun (PHD, EDCI)
    4/23/18 10:00 AM
    The relationship among middle school students' motivation perceptions of science class,  science identification and career goals
    @ 301 War Memorial Gymnasium
  • Yashvardhan Gupta (MS, ME) Yashvardhan Gupta (MS, ME)
    4/23/18 10:30 AM
    Tools and Techniques for Flow Characterization in the Development of Load Leveling Valves for Heavy Truck Application
    @ GENERAL Commerce Street Lab
  • Yoojin Kim (MS, MACR) Yoojin Kim (MS, MACR)
    4/23/18 11:00 AM
    TEMPO-oxidized Nanofibrillated Cellulose Film (NFC) incorporating Graphene Oxide (GO) Nanofillers
    @ 315 Julian Cheatham Hall
  • Chandler Dangle (MS, FOR) Chandler Lipham Dangle (MS, FOR)
    4/23/18 1:00 PM
    Efficacy of operational stream crossing best management practices on haul roads and skid trails in the Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain of Virginia
    @ 315 Julian Cheatham Hall
  • Yongle Du (PHD, CHEM) Yongle Du (PHD, CHEM)
    4/23/18 3:00 PM
    Discovery and Delivery of Bioactive Natural Products
    @ 400 Hahn Hall North
  • Markus Kusano (PHD, CPE) Markus Jan Urban Kusano (PHD, CPE)
    4/23/18 4:00 PM
    Constraint-Based Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation
    @ 330 Durham Hall
  • Disha Sardana (MS, EE) Disha Sardana (MS, EE)
    4/23/18 4:00 PM
    Quantification of Effect of Solar Storms on TEC over U.S. sector Using Machine Learning
    @ 26C Graduate Life Center
  • Richard Polikoff (MA, COMM) Richard A Polikoff (MA, COMM)
    4/24/18 8:30 AM
    Hear Us Out: When Colleges Talk About Tuition Increases
    @ CR 1 Shanks Hall
  • Michael Milazzo (MS, CE) Michael Joseph Milazzo (MS, CE)
    4/24/18 8:30 AM
    Potential for City Parks to Reduce Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants
    @ GENERAL Kelly Hall
  • Joshua Moser (MS, ME) Joshua Nickolas Moser (MS, ME)
    4/24/18 9:00 AM
    Use of Computer Vision to Truck Thin Body Motion with the Application of Tracking Passion Plant Vine Tendrils
    @ 440 Goodwin Hall
  • Fang Fang (PHD, SOC) Fang Fang (PHD, SOC)
    4/24/18 9:30 AM
    Culture and Family Life: Three Studies on Family and Marriage Relationships across Cultures
    @ 209 Norris Hall
  • Rizwan Ali (MS, EE) Rizwan Ali (MS, EE)
    4/24/18 3:00 PM
    Resistive Switching in Porous Low-k Dielectrics
    @ 302 Whittemore Hall
  • Anuradha Bhowmik (MFA, ENCW) Anuradha Bhowmik (MFA, ENCW)
    4/24/18 3:15 PM
    Brown Girl Chromatography
    @ 415 Shanks Hall
  • Andreas Schmitt (PHD, EE) Andreas Joachim Schmitt (PHD, EE)
    4/24/18 3:30 PM
    Power System Parameter Estimation for Enhanced Grid Stability Assessment in Systems with Renewable Energy Sources
    @ 654 Whittemore Hall
  • Lisa Aker (PHD, EDCI) Lisa Denise Aker (PHD, EDCI)
    4/25/18 9:00 AM
    Elementary Preservice Teachers�• Thinking about Student Learning in a Lesson Study Context
    @ 226 War Memorial Gymnasium
  • Robert Morrison (MA, PSCI) Robert Maxwell Morrison (MA, PSCI)
    4/25/18 9:00 AM
    An Analysis: Complex Interdependence and the Chinese-United States Cyber Relationship
    @ 502 Major Williams Hall
  • Manisha Shrestha (PHD, BIOL) Manisha Shrestha (PHD, BIOL)
    4/25/18 9:00 AM
    Mechanistic Studies of the Roles of the Transcriptional Activator ExsA and Anti-activator Protein ExsD in the Regulation of the Type Three Secretion System in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    @ 101 Life Sciences 1 Facility
  • Louis Rossi (PHD, EDCI) Louis Alfonso Rossi (PHD, EDCI)
    4/25/18 1:00 PM
    Special Education and STEM Education Teacher Credentials and Instructional Preparedness for Inclusive STEM Education
    @ 110 War Memorial Gymnasium
  • Hossam Abdelghaffar (PHD, EE) Hossam Mohamed Abdelwahed Abdelghaffar (PHD, EE)
    4/25/18 3:00 PM
    Developing and Testing a Novel De-centralized Cycle-free Game Theoretic Traffic Signal Controller: A Traffic Efficiency and Environmental Perspective
    @ 133 VTTI Building Addition
  • Vamsi Chandra Meesala (MS, EM) Vamsi Chandra Meesala (MS, EM)
    4/25/18 3:00 PM
    Nonlinear dynamics and applications of a cantilever beam mass system
    @ 329 Norris Hall
  • Yuhan Zhang (MS, ME) Yuhan Zhang (MS, ME)
    4/26/18 9:30 AM
    Target tracking from a UAV based on computer vision
    @ 461 Goodwin Hall
  • Daniel Cooke (MS, ME) Daniel Benjamin Cooke (MS, ME)
    4/26/18 9:30 AM
    Design and Optimization of a Self-powered Thermoelectric Car Seat Cooler
    @ 443 Goodwin Hall
  • Jonathan Doubek (PHD, BIOL) Jonathan Patrick Doubek (PHD, BIOL)
    4/26/18 10:00 AM
    The effects of hypoxia on zooplankton communities in lakes and reservoirs
    @ 2084 Derring Hall
  • Kirby Myers (PHD, PHYS) Kirby Myers (PHD, PHYS)
    4/26/18 2:30 PM
    Experiments on the Thermal, Electrical, and Plasmonic Properties of Nanostructured Materials
    @ 164 ICTAS II
  • Vijaykanth Pulumati (MS, CE) Vijaykanth Pulumati (MS, CE)
    4/27/18 8:00 AM
    Investigation of Concrete Mixtures to Reduce Differential Shrinkage Cracking in Inverted T �
    @ 200K Patton Hall
  • Jennifer Green (MS, MATH) Jennifer Neal Green (MS, MATH)
    4/27/18 9:15 AM
    Modeling spider webs as multilinked structures using a Chebyshev pseudospectral collocation method
    @ 455 McBryde Hall
  • Oliver Raj (MS, OCE) Oliver Neal Raj (MS, OCE)
    4/27/18 9:30 AM
    Multi-Fidelity Structural Modeling For Set Based Design of Advanced Marine Vehicles
    @ 207 Randolph Hall
  • Thomas Coleman (MS, ME) Thomas Christopher Coleman (MS, ME)
    4/27/18 12:00 PM
    An Assurance Metric and Robustness Evaluation of a Low-cost Acoustic Beamformer for Source Localization
    @ 117A Randolph Hall
  • Amelia McMullen (MS, MSE) Amelia Marie McMullen (MS, MSE)
    4/27/18 1:00 PM
    ESEM Characterization of Escherichia coli Biofilms Grown on Copper- and Silver-Alloyed Austenitic Stainless Steels over a 48 �
    @ CR 0 Randolph Hall
  • Peter Marshall (MS, AE) Peter Johannes Marshall (MS, AE)
    4/27/18 1:00 PM
    Acoustic Analysis of Spacecraft Cavities using the Boundary Element Method
    @ 217C Randolph Hall
  • Jacques Delport (PHD, EE) Jacques Delport (PHD, EE)
    4/27/18 2:00 PM
    Critical Substation Risk Assessment and Mitigation
    @ 222 Durham Hall
  • Haley Murphy (PHD, PSYC) Haley Gordon Murphy (PHD, PSYC)
    4/27/18 3:00 PM
    Adapting Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to Custodial Grandparents
    @ 327 Williams Hall
  • Patrick Siebel (MFA, ENCW) Patrick Alan Siebel (MFA, ENCW)
    4/27/18 3:00 PM
    Perverted in Neon
    @ 370 Shanks Hall
  • Shamit Bansal (MS, CPE) Shamit Bansal (MS, CPE)
    4/27/18 4:00 PM
    Optimal Implementation of Simulink Models on Multicore Architectures with Partitioned Fixed Priority Scheduling
    @ 475B Whittemore Hall
  • Adna Karamehic-Oates (PHD, PGG) Adna Karamehic-Oates (PHD, PGG)
    4/30/18 9:30 AM
    Reconceptions of �•Home�• and Identity within the Post-War Bosnian Diaspora in the United States
    @ 207 Alexandria Arch Ctr 1021
  • Eric Petrosky (MS, EE) Eric Edward Petrosky (MS, EE)
    4/30/18 2:15 PM
    Receiver-Assigned CDMA in Wireless Sensor Networks
    @ 654 Whittemore Hall
  • Richard Dumene (MS, EE) Richard Lawrence Dumene (MS, EE)
    4/30/18 4:00 PM
    Manufacture and Characterization of Additively Manufactured Ceramic Electromagnetic Structures
    @ 270 Whittemore Hall
  • Changlai DU (PHD, CSA) Changlai DU (PHD, CSA)
    5/1/18 9:00 AM
    Exploring the Sensing Capability of Wireless Signals
    @ T3 VT-UVA Northern VA Center
  • Philip Kobezak (MS, CPE) Philip D Kobezak (MS, CPE)
    5/1/18 9:00 AM
    Frequent Inventory of Network Devices for Incident Response: A Data-driven Approach to Cybersecurity and Network Operations
    @ 457 Whittemore Hall
  • Janay Frazier (MS, EE) Janay Amber Wright Frazier (MS, EE)
    5/1/18 11:00 AM
    High-Definition Raman-based Distributed Temperature Sensing
    @ 301 North End 460
  • Meghan Hekl (MS, CE) Meghan Louise Hekl (MS, CE)
    5/1/18 2:00 PM
    Assessment of Mansionization and Residential Infill Development on Stormwater Runoff
    @ 200K Patton Hall
  • Kruthika Kikkeri (MS, EE) Kruthika Kikkeri (MS, EE)
    5/1/18 2:00 PM
    Biomedical Applications of Dielectrophoresis
    @ 457 Whittemore Hall
  • Aditie Garg (MS, EE) Aditie Garg (MS, EE)
    5/1/18 2:00 PM
    Designing Reactive Power Control Policy for Smart Inverters using Machine Learning
    @ 302 Whittemore Hall
  • Khai Ngo (MS, CPE) Khai Thoi Ngo (MS, CPE)
    5/1/18 3:30 PM
    Stacking Ensemble for auto_ml
    @ 654 Whittemore Hall
  • Matthew Clontz (PHD, ME) Matthew Christopher Clontz (PHD, ME)
    5/2/18 10:00 AM
    A Novel Method for Vibration Analysis of the Tire-Vehicle System via Frequency Based Substructuring
    @ 117A Randolph Hall
  • Anastasia Yakusheva (MS, MSE) Anastasia A. Yakusheva (MS, MSE)
    5/2/18 10:00 AM
    Devitrification Kinetics and Optical Stability of Optical Fibers at High Temperatures
    @ CR 0 Randolph Hall
  • Cagdas Bilici (PHD, CE) Cagdas Bilici (PHD, CE)
    5/2/18 3:00 PM
    Development of a Sediment Sampling Free Fall Penetrometer Add-on Unit for Geotechnical Characterization of Seabed Surface Layers
    @ 200K Patton Hall
  • Junbo ZHAO (PHD, EE) Junbo ZHAO (PHD, EE)
    5/2/18 4:00 PM
    A Robust State and Parameter Estimation Framework for Smart Grid Monitoring and Control
    @ GENERAL Advanced Research Institute
  • Lei Zhang (MFA, CTEC) Lei Zhang (MFA, CTEC)
    5/7/18 2:00 PM
    No title on record.
    @ MEDIA Carol M Newman Library
  • Elizabeth Olberding (MURPL, URPL) Elizabeth Claire Olberding (MURPL, URPL)
    5/9/18 11:30 AM
    An indigenous perspective: REDD+ and Costa Rica, another form of colonialism and commodification of natural resources?
    @ 200 Architecture Annex
  • Alyssa Gatto (MS, PSYC) Alyssa Jo Gatto (MS, PSYC)
    12/1/18 1:30 AM
    No title on record.
    @ 227 Major Williams Hall

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