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Upcoming Defenses

  • Brittany Thorpe (MS, HNFE) Brittany Ryann Thorpe (MS, HNFE)
    12/14/17 11:00 AM

    Validation of Biomarkers of Hydration Status in College Athletes

    @ 332 Wallace Hall
  • Siddharth Narayanan (MS, CPE) Siddharth Narayanan (MS, CPE)
    12/14/17 12:30 PM

    Cinemacraft: Exploring Fidelity Cues in Collaborative Virtual Worlds Interactions

    @ 251 Moss Arts Center
  • Colleen Bartos (MA, COMM) Colleen Marie Bartos (MA, COMM)
    12/14/17 1:00 PM

    Fanning the Flames: An Examination of Uses and Gratifications Sought During the Gatlinburg Wildfires of 2016

    @ 116 Shanks Hall
  • Charles Zumbaugh (MS, APSC) Charles Arthur Zumbaugh (MS, APSC)
    12/15/17 8:00 AM

    Evaluation of a phytogenic feed additive on nutrient digestion and absorption in turkey poults

    @ 3720 Litton Reaves Hall
  • Ersin Selvi (MS, EE) Ersin Suleyman Selvi (MS, EE)
    12/15/17 9:30 AM

    Cognitive Radar Applied To Target Tracking Using Markov Decision Processes

    @ 457A Whittemore Hall
  • Rishu Saxena (MS, CSA) Rishu Saxena (MS, CSA)
    12/15/17 10:00 AM

    Towards a Polyalgorithm for Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection

    @ 626 McBryde Hall
  • Anne Hilborn (PHD, FIW) Anne Winona Hilborn (PHD, FIW)
    12/15/17 10:00 AM

    The effect of individual variability and larger carnivores on the functional response of cheetahs

    @ CR 0 Julian Cheatham Hall
  • Ting Hua (PHD, CSA) Ting Hua (PHD, CSA)
    12/15/17 11:00 AM

    Topics, Events, Stories in Social Media

    @ 103 VT-UVA Northern VA Center
  • Camden Shelton (MS, PPWS) Camden Drake Shelton (MS, PPWS)
    12/15/17 12:00 PM

    Improved Strategies for Dollar Spot Suppression Using Ferrous Sulfate

    @ 420 Price Hall
  • Amanda Weikmann (MS, CE) Amanda Maria Weikmann (MS, CE)
    12/15/17 1:00 PM

    Urban Erosion Potential Risk Mapping with GIS

    @ 200K Patton Hall
  • Micah Roediger (MADAS, DAAS) Micah David Roediger (MADAS, DAAS)
    12/15/17 2:00 PM

    No title on record.

    @ 227 Williams Hall
  • Craig Powers (PHD, CE) Craig Williford Powers (PHD, CE)
    12/18/17 9:00 AM

    Monitoring the Transport of Microorganisms in Aquatic Environments Using Unmanned Surface Vehicles

    @ 310 Kelly Hall
  • Heather Govenor (PHD, BSE) Heather Lynn Govenor (PHD, BSE)
    12/18/17 9:00 AM

    Sediment Management for Aquatic Life Protection Under the Clean Water Act

    @ 102 Fralin Biotechnology Center
  • Allison Guettler (MS, ME) Allison Jean Guettler (MS, ME)
    12/18/17 9:00 AM

    Quantifying the Response of a PMHS Head to Rotational Loading

    @ 310 Kelly Hall
  • Lu Guan (MS, ENE) Lu Guan (MS, ENE)
    12/18/17 9:00 AM

    Nitrogen Removal from Closed Aquaculture System by Bioelectrochemical Systems

    @ 418 Durham Hall
  • Zhenyu Wu (MS, ENE) Zhenyu Wu (MS, ENE)
    12/18/17 10:00 AM

    Forward Osmosis Promoted in-situ Formation of Struvite with Simultaneous Water Recovery from Digested Swine Wastewater

    @ 261 Durham Hall
  • Meghan Vismara (MA, FLCL) Meghan Lynn Vismara (MA, FLCL)
    12/18/17 10:00 AM

    Identity and Language Use in Adolescent Latina/o Literature

    @ 332 Major Williams Hall
  • Melissa Mika (MS, CE) Melissa Lynn Mika (MS, CE)
    12/18/17 10:30 AM

    Evolution and Application of Urban Watershed Management Planning

    @ 219 Patton Hall
  • Mingyang Zhang (MS, ME) Mingyang Zhang (MS, ME)
    12/18/17 10:30 AM

    Detailed heat transfer measurements on straight rib roughened duct at very high Reynolds numbers using steady state liquid crystal thermography

    @ 440 Goodwin Hall
  • Julia Byrd (MS, ENE) Julia Frances Byrd (MS, ENE)
    12/18/17 12:00 PM

    Applications of Sensory Analysis for Water Quality Assessment

    @ 460 Durham Hall
  • Nicholas Albertson (MS, AE) Nicholas James Albertson (MS, AE)
    12/18/17 3:00 PM

    Mechanical and Electromagnetic Optimization of Structurally Embedded Waveguide Antennas

    @ 207 Randolph Hall
  • Siddhartha Gadiraju (PHD, ME) Siddhartha Gadiraju (PHD, ME)
    12/18/17 3:00 PM

    Study of Lean Blowout and Heat Load on Combustor Liner during Instabilities

    @ 440 Goodwin Hall
  • Chen Tang (MS, ME) Chen Tang (MS, ME)
    12/18/17 3:00 PM

    Design of a Gravity Compensation Actuator for Arm Assistance

    @ 117A Randolph Hall
  • Lilianny Virguez Barroso (PHD, ENGE) Lilianny Josefina Virguez Barroso (PHD, ENGE)
    12/19/17 9:00 AM

    A quantitative analysis of first year engineering students�• courses perceptions and motivational beliefs in two introductory engineering courses

    @ 341 Goodwin Hall
  • Jonathan Pfab (MS, ME) Jonathan Francis Pfab (MS, ME)
    12/19/17 9:00 AM

    Thermal analysis of the detector in the Radiation Budget Instrument (RBI)

    @ 440 Goodwin Hall
  • Kevin Ryland (MS, EE) Kevin Sherwood Ryland (MS, EE)
    12/19/17 11:00 AM

    Software-Defined Radio Implementation of Two Physical Layer Security Techniques

    @ 5-024 VT Research Ctr-Arlington
  • Keegan Waggener (MS, ESEN) Keegan Edward Waggener (MS, ESEN)
    12/19/17 1:30 PM

    Analysis of organic and inorganic parameters in Southern Virginia rivers following a coal ash spill

    @ 421 Durham Hall
  • Vinaykarthik Reddy Kamidi (MS, ME) Vinaykarthik Reddy Kamidi (MS, ME)
    12/19/17 2:00 PM

    Design and Integration of Novel Single Degree of Freedom Leg For Fast Locomotion

    @ 100L Randolph Hall
  • Kunal Singh (MS, CE) Kunal Singh (MS, CE)
    12/19/17 2:30 PM

    Health Risk Perception for Household Trips and Associated Protection Behavior During an Influenza Outbreak

    @ 219 Patton Hall
  • Suhyeon Park (PHD, ME) Suhyeon Park (PHD, ME)
    12/19/17 3:00 PM

    Experimental investigation of flow and wall heat transfer in an optical combustor for reacting swirl flows

    @ 117A Randolph Hall
  • Alex Chu (MS, EE) Alex Chu (MS, EE)
    12/19/17 3:00 PM

    Evaluation and Design of a SiC-Based Bidirectional Isolated DC/DC Converter

    @ 140 Whittemore Hall
    12/19/17 4:30 PM

    Architecture for homeless animals/ Animal shelter

    @ GENERAL National Capital Region Bld
  • Michael DeLaney (MARCH, ARCH) Michael Ryan DeLaney (MARCH, ARCH)
    12/20/17 2:00 PM

    Narrative(s) City

    @ GENERAL Architecture Center 1001

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