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Upcoming Defenses

  • Kristin Rankin (EDD, ELPS) Kristin Rachelle Lazenby Rankin (EDD, ELPS)
    3/29/23 10:30 AM
    The Perceptions of Alternatively Certified K-12 Public School Teachers in One Division in Virginia Regarding Their Preparedness to Teach and the Training and Administrative Support They Need for Retention
    @ GENERAL VT Richmond Center
  • Claire Murphy (PHD, LSFS) Claire Margaret Murphy (PHD, LSFS)
    3/30/23 9:00 AM
    Factors Influencing The Ecology and Epidemiology of Microbial Indicators and Foodborne Pathogens In Surface Waters and Development of Risk Mitigations
    @ 108 Human & Ag Bio Science 1
  • Lakshmi Ravi (PHD, EE) Lakshmi Ravi (PHD, EE)
    3/30/23 12:00 PM
    Insulation-Constrained Design of Power Electronics Converters and DC Circuit Breakers
    @ 143 Whittemore Hall
  • Sharon Escalante Pedraza (MS, MINE) Sharon Daiana Escalante Pedraza (MS, MINE)
    3/30/23 3:00 PM
    Municipal Solid Waste Incineration (MSWI) Ash Characterization and Physical Concentration
    @ 190 Holden Hall
  • Manal Almutlaq (MS, ARCG) Manal Abdullah M Almutlaq (MS, ARCG)
    3/31/23 8:00 AM
    No title on record.
    @ 304B Cowgill Hall
  • Lauren Panny (PHD, BMVS) Lauren E. Panny (PHD, BMVS)
    3/31/23 1:00 PM
    Utilizing proteomic techniques to discover host protein interactions with the E1 glycoprotein of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) for anti-viral discovery
    @ 100 Vet Med Phase 4C Vet Res
  • Spencer Cardwell (MA, PHIL) Spencer Christian Cardwell (MA, PHIL)
    4/4/23 10:00 AM
    Reason, Utility, and Right Action in Hume's Moral Philosophy
    @ 225 Major Williams Hall
  • Ben Kligman (PHD, GEOS) Ben Thomas Kligman (PHD, GEOS)
    4/4/23 1:00 PM
    Rise of present-day tetrapods in the paleotropics of Late Triassic equatorial Pangaea: new insights from microvertebrate data
    @ 2062 Derring Hall
  • Seyed Morteza Zeinali (PHD, CE) Seyed Morteza Zeinali (PHD, CE)
    4/4/23 3:30 PM
    Multi-Scale Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Saturated Earth Materials
    @ 200K Patton Hall
  • Lauren Ruger (PHD, BMES) Lauren Nicole Ruger (PHD, BMES)
    4/5/23 10:00 AM
    Investigations of Ultrasound-Guided Histotripsy Ablation for Soft Tissue Sarcomas,  Osteosarcomas, and Brain Tumors
    @ 302 North End 460
  • Erica Howes (PHD, HNFE) Erica Marie Howes (PHD, HNFE)
    4/5/23 12:30 PM
    The Impact of Weight Bias and Stigma on Energy Misreporting in 24-Hour Dietary Recalls
    @ 332 Wallace Hall
  • Samuel Browning (MS, PSYC) Samuel Lee Browning (MS, PSYC)
    4/11/23 2:00 AM
    Virtual vs. In-Person Instruction and Test-Taking: Comparisons of Factual and Application Learning Outcomes
    @ 100 Major Williams Hall
  • Maeve Marley (MA, PHIL) Maeve Marley (MA, PHIL)
    4/11/23 11:30 AM
    Why Are Some Statistical Generalizations Epistemically Risky?
    @ 225 Major Williams Hall
  • Annie Sauer (PHD, STAT) Annie Elizabeth Sauer (PHD, STAT)
    4/12/23 10:00 AM
    Deep Gaussian Process Surrogates for Computer Experiments
    @ 418A Hutcheson Hall
  • Mollison Ryan (MA, ENGL) Mollison Simone Ryan (MA, ENGL)
    4/14/23 12:00 PM
    With Hope: A Student-Centered Model of Critical Pedagogy for First-Year Writing
    @ 316 Shanks Hall
  • Aaron Coombs (PHD, PSYC) Aaron Keith Coombs (PHD, PSYC)
    4/17/23 10:00 AM
    A Mixed Methods Study of Ranger Attrition:  Examining the Relationship of Candidate Attitudes, Attributions and Goals
    @ 100 Williams Hall
  • Christina Chaccour (PHD, EE) Christina Chaccour (PHD, EE)
    4/17/23 10:00 AM
    Building the Foundations and Experiences of 6G and Beyond Networks: A Confluence of THz Systems, Extended Reality (XR), and AI-Native Semantic Communications
    @ 3-024 VT Research Ctr-Arlington
  • Sonam Sherpa (PHD, GEOS) Sonam Futi Sherpa (PHD, GEOS)
    4/17/23 12:30 PM
    Big Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning for Assessing 21st Century Flooding and Socioeconomic Exposures
    @ 4069 Derring Hall
  • George Greanias (PHD, PGG) George Christopher Greanias (PHD, PGG)
    4/18/23 10:30 AM
    Knitting the Velvet Gauntlet
    @ 6-001 VT Research Ctr - Arlington
  • Parul Manocha (PHD, BMGT) Parul Manocha (PHD, BMGT)
    4/24/23 10:00 AM
    Heterogeneous Entrepreneurial Action: A Knowledge Problem Approach
    @ 1045A Pamplin Hall
  • Juan Romero Acosta (PHD, MATH) Juan Francisco Romero Acosta (PHD, MATH)
    4/24/23 3:00 PM
    The Mattila-Sjölin Problem for Triangles
    @ 455 McBryde Hall
  • Dylan Park (MS, MATH) Dylan Park (MS, MATH)
    4/27/23 2:30 PM
    A Two-Level Galerkin Reduced Order Model for the Steady Navier-Stokes Equations
    @ 563 McBryde Hall
  • Xiangyu Yao (PHD, GBCB) Xiangyu Yao (PHD, GBCB)
    4/28/23 10:00 AM
    Mathematical Modeling of Circadian Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells
    @ 118 Steger Hall-South Wing
  • Randy Spicer (PHD, AE) Randy Lee Spicer (PHD, AE)
    4/28/23 3:15 PM
    Additive Manufacturing in Spacecraft Design and In-Space Robotic Fabrication of Large Structures
    @ 210 Kelly Hall
  • Ali Hassani (PHD, AE) Ali Hassani (PHD, AE)
    5/2/23 11:00 AM
    Uncertainty Quantification of Tightly Integrated LiDAR/IMU Localization Algorithms
    @ 207 Randolph Hall

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