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Upcoming Defenses

  • Dalton Nelson (MSLFS, AEE) Dalton Glenn Nelson (MSLFS, AEE)
    9/26/22 3:00 PM
    The Analysis of Food Recovery Organization Leadership: How Transformational and Servant Leaders Overcame a Time of Crisis.
    @ 244 Litton Reaves Hall
  • Jaclyn Fiola (PHD, CSES) Jaclyn Caroline Fiola (PHD, CSES)
    9/27/22 1:00 PM
    Vineyard soil matters: exploring the influence of soil physical and chemical properties on Eastern U.S. grape production
    @ 337 Smyth Hall
  • Brian Naperkoski (MS, ME) Brian Michael Naperkoski (MS, ME)
    9/29/22 1:00 PM
    Exploring the dynamics of a mechanical watch lever escapement using finite element analysis
    @ 443 Goodwin Hall
  • Sukrit Venkatagiri (PHD, CSA) Sukrit Venkatagiri (PHD, CSA)
    9/30/22 9:00 AM
    Supporting and Transforming High-Stakes Investigations with Expert-Led Crowdsourcing
    @ GENERAL VT-UVA Northern VA Center
  • Katherine Gorman (PHD, FIW) Katherine Marie Gorman (PHD, FIW)
    11/10/22 12:30 PM
    The ecology of northern long-eared bats (Myotis septentrionalis) at the William Floyd Estate, Fire Island National Seashore
    @ 147 Julian Cheatham Hall

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