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Ethics Requirement and Links to Approved Plans

graphic showing elements associated with the scholarly ethics and integrity plans

In 2012, the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies (now the Commission on Graduate and Professional Studies and Policies) proposed requiring departments and programs to provide all graduate students training in ethics and scholarly integrity.

The resulting policy was approved through governance and went into effect in Fall 2014. All academic units developed implementation plans to ensure students received the required training, which were approved by the Graduate School. The departments monitor student progress and verify completion of the requirement with Graduate School through each graduate student’s Plan of Study.

You'll find a link to an example of a scholarly ethics and integrity plan below. We also provide a link to the policy governing the requirement.

You will find links to pdf versions of the approved ethics plans below. They are stored in publicly accessible Google folders, grouped by college. The link takes you to the college's folder, where you can open a pdf version of each program's plan.