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Interdisciplinary Graduate Education

Virginia Tech Graduate School supports 14 Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs, called IGEPS, providing students cross-discipline research opportunities

The Graduate School supports Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs (IGEPs) to promote and sustain interdisciplinary graduate education and research at Virginia Tech.  More than 300 graduate students currently participate in the IGEPs.

Each program addresses a major fundamental problem or complex societal issue requiring an interdisciplinary team of scholars. They focus on using innovative and integrative approaches to produce the next generation of global leaders in science, education, and other fields. 

Coursework and program-specific activities are designed to develop the four pillars of the Transformative Graduate Education Experience: Knowledge, Leadership, Scholarly Inquiry and Social Responsibility, and to help you prepare, connect, succeed and standout in your future career.

In addition to the IGEPs, we manage the individualized interdisciplinary Ph.D. (IPhD) program, in which students develop one-of-a-kind doctoral research that spans more than one field. The first IPh.D. was approved in 2015. Associate Dean William Huckle directs the IPh.D. program.


Associate Dean William Huckle