A PhD student receiving her hood

The Graduates school recognizes the important role faculty and staff members play in graduate student success. Here we share links to resources to help you support, mentor, and reward graduate students.

Admissions & Academic Processes

Recruiting Resources 

Electronic Submission System   

iThenticate webpage

Using iThenticate


Interpreting TOEFL Scores   

Requesting Banner Access   

Banner Guide: Enrollment/Rollcall

Report Banner Guide: Degree Status Report  

Banner Guide: Dept. International Applicant Status

Online Admissions Analysis

Procedural Guidelines

Policies and procedures

Scholarly Ethics and Integrity


Academic & Student Support

Promoting Academic Success   

Honors & Awards for Students  

Commission on Graduate Study & Policies, Minutes   

Graduate Curriculum Committee   

Expectations for Graduate Education  

International Graduate Student Services contacts


Funding Programs & Processes

Managing Graduate Assistantships   

Funding through the Graduate School  

Tuition Remission Process   

Create an Assistantship Contract  

The Updates on Graduate Education blog

The Graduate School has launched a twice-monthly newsletter that will be archived at this blog site. The blog is a way to communicate with graduate program directors (GPDs) and graduate coordinators regarding upcoming events, policy updates, administrative announcements and important deadlines.