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The Graduates school recognizes the important role faculty and staff members play in graduate student success. We share resources to help you support, mentor, and reward graduate students.

You'll find policies, program information and more in the Graduate Catalog

Progress to Degree/Annual Review of Students

All graduate students are required to have an Annual Review of Progress at least once a year by their Advisory Committees. Submit progress to degree annual student evaluations through the Graduate School's form submission portal.  

The Graduate School has compiled a wealth of data regarding graduate student enrollment, admissions, retention and degree conferral, funding, and post-graduation career plans. The information is presented in an interactive manner, so you can find data for a program, college, or the university. Information about climate surveys, the Graduate Education Task Force report, and other reports also can be found on this website.

In summer 2022 all paper-based and pdf forms have been reviewed and revised, introducing a new design, streamlining content, and providing a single form-submission portal  for all forms. All pdf forms are now in fillable format allowing electronic signatures. The redesigned forms website provides an easier-to-navigate structure for all of the forms, as well as a short description of the function of each form. 

The Graduate School distributes a twice-monthly newsletter that we archive at this blog site. The blog preserve these communications to graduate program directors (GPDs) and graduate coordinators regarding upcoming events, policy updates, administrative announcements and important deadlines. 

New Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) and Graduate Coordinators (GCs) may wish to seek access to a variety of systems and resources in service of carrying out their duties in graduate education. Learn what these are and how to request access.