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Graduate Honor System Review Process

The Graduate Life Center in autumn.

The GLC in the fall

Cases referred to the Graduate Honor System may be resolved through facilitated discussion or through panel review, depending on case eligibility and/or by choice of the individuals involved:

  • Facilitated discussion is quick-resolution option for cases that involve low-level first-time potential cheating or plagiarism violations by students, when both student(s) and faculty referrer agree to review the facts of the case with the aid of a trained GHS facilitator and jointly decided on a penalty, if  applicable. A record of the facilitated discussion is submitted to the GHS by the facilitator after all participants have signed the form. 
  • Panel review offers a three-step process that consists of evidence gathering by an associate chair including interviewing all involved parties,  a preliminary review by 7 trained GHS panelists, and a subsequent full review, if applicable, by a panel of seven different GHS panelists, with the participation of the referrer and the referred.  
  • Decisions reached by a Review Panel may be appealed through the appeal process described in the GHS constitution. 

The flow chart below shows how cases progress through the system.

GHS Case Process Flowchart