To hear the personal testimony of those involved and to deliberate on the case outcome (verdict and penalty, if applicable). These recommendations are passed on to the Dean of the Graduate School, who makes the final decision regarding the case outcome.


A minimum of four graduate students and three faculty members.

Voting Privileges

Both faculty and student members. 


The hearing is chaired by the Chief Justice, and the detailed procedures can be found below under "Order of Events."

For more information on the Judicial Panel, please see Article IV of the GHS Constitution.

Order of Events

  • Tape recorder on.
  • Introductions.
  • The procedure of the Judicial Panel hearing is reviewed.
  • The evidence obtained during the investigation, including the original statement of the charge, is presented by the Investigator.
  • Each of the accused is asked to enter a plea (guilty, not guilty, or no plea) for each charge.
  • The referrer(s) is asked to comment on the incident and may present witnesses.
  • The accused students(s) is asked to comment on the incident and may present witnesses.
  • The accused student(s) and the referrer(s) are questioned by the Judicial Panel. The accused student(s) and the referrer(s) may NOT practice cross-examination. Only the Judicial Panel and GHS personnel may ask questions.
  • The referrer(s) is asked to make a final statement.
  • The accused student(s) is asked to make a final statement.
  • The referrer(s) and the accused student(s) are dismissed from the hearing room.
  • Tape recorder off.
  • The panel goes into closed deliberation.
  • Guilt/Innocence: The panel must determine guilt or innocence before the choice of a penalty is discussed. At the conclusion of the discussion on guilt vs. innocence, the Chief Justice shall poll the member of the panel on the question, "Is the student guilty of the alleged violation?" A determination of guilt requires a majority vote by the panel. If a majority is not obtained, the panel shall be deemed to have found the student not guilty.
  • Penalty: If a guilty verdict has been reached, the choice of penalty is discussed. A motion is made for a particular penalty. Penalty recommendations also require a majority vote. Penalties are listed in Article VI: Section 1 of the GHS Constitution.
  • The panel is reminded of the strict confidentiality of the case, all confidential material is collected, and the panel is dismissed.
  • The accused will be notified by first-class mail of the verdict and his/her right to an appeal, if such is warranted.