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Graduate Honor System

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The Graduate Honor Code establishes a standard of academic integrity and  demands a firm adherence to a set of values with respect to the intellectual efforts of oneself and others.

Compliance with the Graduate Honor Code requires that all graduate students exercise honesty and ethical behavior in all their academic pursuits at the university. 

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Kayla Alward (2021-22),
Kayla is a doctoral student in dairy science. As Chair of the GHS, she ensures that justice, fairness, and due process are exercised in all operations of the Graduate Honor System. Kayla recruits and trains graduate student and faculty panelists and associate chairs, and orients graduate students to the values and obligations described in the Honor Code. Kayla presides at all Review Panel hearings and coordinates the activities of the Graduate Honor System. She also represents the Graduate Honor System at Commission of Graduate and Professional Studies and Policies (CGPSP) meetings.

Associate Chairs:

Associate chairs gather evidence and conduct interviews with the referrer and the referred student(s). They prepare a brief report summarizing the interviews and evidence, and present the case to a Preliminary Review Panel. Associate chairs may also attend and present the evidence to Review Panels and support the outreach  and training activities of the chair.

  • Ashit Harode (2021-22), doctoral student in Environmental Design and Planning. 
  • Rose McGroarty (spring 2022-),  doctoral student in Geosciences


Monika Gibson
As advisor, Monika provides confidential and neutral counsel to faculty and students regarding cases and GHS procedures. She attends all preliminary review panel and review panel meetings in a non-voting capacity to ensure that all GHS procedures are properly followed. The advisor assists with the training of the Chair, Associate Chair(s), Facilitators, and new panel members. She advises the Chair and Associate Chair(s) in the preparation of cases and provides staff for the administration of the Graduate Honor System.

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