Graduate School in spring 2017

The Graduate Honor System offers tips for faculty on reducing Honor Code violations (see below), how to grade a student accused of a violation, and how to volunteer as a panel member.

Reducing Violations: Tips for Faculty

Although the Graduate Honor Code encourages faculty members to place trust in students, you can take reasonable measures to eliminate a student's ability to cheat. Some suggestions follow.

  • Include a statement on your syllabus about compliance with the Graduate Honor Code. A sample statement is given below:
    • The tenets of the Virginia Tech Graduate Honor Code will be strictly enforced in this course, and all assignments shall be subject to the stipulations of the Graduate Honor Code. For more information on the Graduate Honor Code, please refer to the GHS Constitution.
  • Remind students of your expectations when giving each assignment. Be clear about what resources students are permitted to use and what, if any, collaboration is allowed. Consider outlining these expectations in writing on the assignment or in the syllabus so that there will be no confusion.
  • If you ask students to do extensive writing, remind them about proper citation methods. You may also refer students to the GHS website for a thorough explanation of plagiarism and how to avoid it. In addition, the Library offers extensive resources about citation methods and style manuals and the Appendix of the GHS Constitution presents an entire section about how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Encourage students to master citation by using EndNote. This free software is available to VT students at the Virginia Tech Software Distribution Office.
  • Have a proctor in the room for the duration of all examinations.
  • For out-of-class assignments, collect the assignments in person or allow them to be submitted electronically or slid under your office door. Allowing students to return an assignment to your mailbox may give a student access to another student's completed work.
  • Avoid recycling exam questions, if possible.

Review additional useful resources:

•  The Writing Center

•  Information and resources about plagiarism

•  Citation and Style Manuals offered by the Library