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How to Become a GHS Panelist

The Graduate Honor System relies on the involvement of graduate students and faculty members in processing cases and educating peers about the standards of academic integrity and honesty.

Why Become a Panelist?

  • It is a rewarding way to get involved and serve the graduate community while upholding high academic standards
  • It provides an opportunity to build your professional network with graduate students and faculty members across all disciplines
  • You can practice and enhance your professional skills of communication, evaluation and synthesis of information, persuasion, and sound judgement.

Student and faculty volunteers are invited to participate in seminars and serve, as their schedules permit, on Preliminary Review Panels and Review Panels for cases referred to the Graduate Honor System.

  • A Preliminary Review Panel comprises five graduate students and two faculty members. Students have full voting privileges, while faculty serve in an advisory capacity.
  • A Review Panel comprises a minimum of four graduate students and three faculty members. Both student and faculty panelists have full voting privileges.

The Graduate Honor System hears 20-30 cases per year. Student and faculty volunteers can serve on a preliminary or full review panel upon attending a short, one-hour training session. Preliminary Review Panels hearings are mostly conducted online at the convenience of panelists; review panel hearings can be online or in person and usually last 1-2 hours.

Students are selected for a one-year term, while faculty volunteers are selected for a two-year term.  Each may be extended for up to four years.

New panelists are recruited year-round. If you are interested in becoming a panelist, email to the chair of the GHS to express your interest and be included in the next available training session.

Panelist Training Materials