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As a current graduate student at Virginia Tech, you have lots of resources at your disposal. We’ve curated some of the most important items for you here.

We post new information and opportunities every week in the Graduate Life Center weekly announcements .

You can find Graduate School and Graduate Life Center activities and events on the community calendar.

Resources and information for greater Washington, D.C. area students

Dates for class sessions, university breaks, course request and registration, exams, and more

Academic support services for students, from the Writing Center to time management counseling

A handy guide for who to contact for information and assistance 

Find out about our inclusion and diversity focused programs and events

Find services and applications here, including Canvas, parking, payroll, ticket sales, and more.

Forms for admission, enrollment, academic progress, and graduation

Information about Graduate School academic programs and policies

What is expected of you as a student, and what to do if you encounter someone not practicing our policies

Information and resources on employment, childcare, and work life grants.

Tips to help faculty and students with preliminary and final exams conducted on Zoom. 

Expectations for students, faculty, and staff to maintain a productive, and inclusive academic environment.

Classes, workshops, and events to help you prepare for a career in or outside of the academy.

Information about registering for classes, housing, and everything else you need to know to get started as a student

Services for students, such as day care, health services, counseling, and more

The governing body of graduate students works to improve campus life, scholarly development, and graduate community

The ombudsperson provides a safe, neutral, and confidential place to discuss concerns

Employment opportunities, assistantships, scholarships, and other sources of financial assistance

Information about on-campus and off-campus housing resources. 

Resources for students enrolled in online degree programs who may not have access to a physical campus

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