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Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Program

Students must be accepted into the master's degree program and approved for Accelerated UG/G, Dual or 152 ACIS prior to the first day of classes in the term the courses that are double counted or GR level only will begin.

1. Student will apply for master's degree admission online for the first semester after the bachelor's degree is awarded. For example, if a student will obtain his/her bachelor's degree in Fall 2009, the student would apply online for Spring 2010.

2. The student will also complete the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Status and Course Designation Form. The student will indicate on this form which program s/he wishes to enter, the term in which s/he will start double counting courses and which courses will be double counted (UG/G) or will be taken for graduate level credit only (Dual). This form will be reviewed and signed by the Department Head and Graduate Staff Coordinator. The signing of this form indicates that the department is giving approval for the admittance of the student into the accelerated undergraduate/graduate status program.

3. After the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Status and Course Designation Form has been signed, the department graduate staff coordinator will go to the Online Admission Analysis form in HokieSpa and accept the student into the Master's degree program.

4. Once the student has been accepted through the Online Admission Analysis form, the department will send the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Status and Course Designation Form to the Graduate School for review and processing. Upon receipt of this form, Graduate School staff will change the student's application type to GB for Undergraduate/Graduate or GD for Dual. The catalog term will be changed to the term in which the student indicated s/he will start double counting courses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Graduate Admissions and Academic Progress (, 540/231-8636).