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Plan of Study Steps accessible narrative

Plan of Study Submission

Department Action

  1. Student completes departmental form to initiate the Plan of Study (POS) and to designate committee members (selected by the student or assigned by the department).
  2. All committee members sign the form.
  3. Graduate Coordinator enters form into Banner in SZAGPLN (see SZAGREV for original entries and POS returned for correction).
  4. Graduate Program Director approves POS in Banner in SZAGAPR.

Graduate School Action

  1.  Graduate School reviews POS.
  2. Is there a need for correction?  If Yes, return to Department Action step 3.  Program Director will address need for correction and resubmit POS. If no need for a correction, or a corrected POS has been submitted and passes review, continue on to Graduate School Action step 3.
  3. Graduate School Approves.

Approved POS is visible to the student in Hokie SPA.