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Citizen Scholar Program On-campus Resources

The following is a list of on-campus organizations, opportunities, and experiences available for those interested in fulfilling the project requirement of the Citizen Scholar Experience. If the student decides to utilize one of the following resources, they should contact the organizations directly in order to plan their experience. Students may also work closely with their advisor and the Graduate School and design their own experience. This list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all programs found at Virginia Tech that qualify for the Citizen Scholar Experience. This list is intended to provide examples of experiences that may be available. In addition to the resources on this list, you can ask with your department or college about internships in your field, and student-sponsored journals and conferences in which you might participate.

Agriculture Extension and Education Project and Report

Contact: Eric Kaufman | 231-6258

Pairs students with an extension agent or specialist for a semester. Available to any student in a department with a strong extension component.

Center for Gerontology

Rosemary Blieszner | 231-5437

Field practicums available for students in all departments interested in adding a gerontology component to their graduate experience.

Center for Race and Social Policy

Wornie Reed | 231-6107

A variety of community projects are available through the center.

Center for Peace and Violence Studies

James Hawdon |231-7476

A variety of community projects are available through the center.

Community Design Assistance Center

Information desk | 231-5644

Graduate students help in the architectural design process for members of the community.

Externship Program

Laura Hickerson | 231-8084

This is a volunteer job shadowing opportunity for students to spend up to five days during winter break observing and often working with professionals, investigating a career field and experiencing a typical week on the job.

Graduate Ambassador Program

Monika Gibson | 231-4558

Particpants in this program commit to build and promote the graduate community at Virginia Tech through a variety of projects.

Hometown Industries

Perry Martin | 231-9186

Engages students with citizen groups in unincorporated Appalachian communities involved in community beautification and cultural preservation projects. Graduate students can participate in the development of "homegrown" economic development initiatives related to community arts and heritage.

Insect Tours

Loke Kok | 231-6341

Graduate students give tours of the facilities and insects in the Department of Entomology.

Kids Tech University™

Kristy DiVittorio | 231-1389

The goal of Kids' Tech University (KTU)™ is to spark interest and excitement about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM disciplines) in children between the ages of 8-12.

McNair Scholars Program

Cheryl Gittens | 231-5499

Designed for under-represented undergraduate students, this program prepares them for graduate school. Participants are given a project, a mentoring relationship, and participate in development programs. Citizen Scholar participants would act as mentors.

Poet in the Schools

Lucinda Roy |231-8465

Graduate students go into local public schools and help the students advance their creative writing skills.

Refugee Resettlement Initiative

Michele Deramo 231-6947

Graduate student coordinates the resettlement needs of refugee families moving to the area. This includes volunteer training, English language instruction for low level learners, job readiness counseling, and educational support for children.

Science Outreach

Science Outreach Information Desk | 231-3001

Graduate students in the fields of science participate in outreach programs.

Service Learning Center

Michele Deramo | 231-6947

Can assist graduate students in identifying local and regional needs, building relationships with community organizations and agencies, and negotiating a community-based project.

Student Teacher Supervision

Sue Magliaro | 231-1802

Graduate students in the School of Education supervise undergraduate student teachers

Undergraduate Scholars in Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program

Nini Smiley |231-5023

Designed for under-represented undergraduate students. Provides a mentoring relationship and other development programs. Citizen Scholar participants would act as mentors.

Upward Bound/Talent Search

Daly Hayes-Murphy | 231-6911

Graduate students volunteer as mentors helping underrepresented high school students prepare for college.

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Marc Fisher | 239-1775

Work closely with cooperative extension on projects important to the state of Virginia.

Virginia Higher Education Civic Engagement Network (VHECEN)

Michele Deramo | 231-6947

Graduate students can give administrative leadership to building a statewide network of professionals and administrators in higher education.  The VHECEN "headquarters" is the VT Service-Learning Center.  Work needs to be done to build a virtual meeting site for the network.