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Citizen Scholar Program Requirements

2016 Citizen Scholar Brittany Balhouse and a student
Brittany Balhouse, a 2016 Citizen Scholars, explains cancer cells to high school student Erika Gresh.

All Virginia Tech graduate students are eligible to participate.

There are no prerequisites for participating in the program.

Program Components In order for participants to become Citizen Scholars, each must complete an independent, self-designed experience. The experience can be composed of multiple small components or one large component. It is expected, however, that each student will complete at least 16 hours of "citizen-scholar" work. The needs of each participant will determine the length and type of their individual experiences. Descriptions of several example components are provided below, these are examples not requirements:

Citizen Scholar Project

The service project is a self-designed, community-based project aimed at helping the student put theory to practice. Students choose a project that will be challenging and educational. Projects will vary greatly in their scope and time commitment from one student to another. The student and advisor may want to formalize the project by enrolling the student in a Special Study (X984) or Independent Study (X974) course for the duration of the project.

You can see past citizen scholar projects here, and view the current scholars' work here.

Also, students can find information resources to assist their projects within the lists of On-Campus and Off-Campus resources. The lists include contacts for each resource who can help students gather information relevant to their project topic. Students have the option to design their own projects based on the needs in their particular fields.

After completing a CSE, the student can complete the application form and receive the appropriate approval signatures. Send the completed form to Dr. William Huckle.

Submission Deadline
Nomination forms due: 5 p.m. on Monday, March 10, 2025. You will be informed if your application is accepted within the week.

Citizen Scholar Recognition Ceremony

Citizen Scholar will be formally recognized at a ceremony scheduled during Graduate Education Week.