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GTA Academy members

Academy for GTA Excellence group photo 2019 with Dean DePauw and two ducks at the Hahn Horticultural Gardens Pavilion
GTA Academy fellows, associates, members, and faculty with Dean DePauw

The academy comprises members at three levels: member, associate and fellow. Members are graduate students with limited or no GTA experience. Associates have at least one semester of teaching experience and/or have participated in curriculum development. Fellows have more than two semesters of teaching experience and/or curriculum development and outstanding teaching evaluations.  You'll find a list of the current members below. 

Katherine “Katie” Ayers, Ph.D., Sociology

Jonilda Bahja, Ph.D. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Benjamin DeVore, Ph.D., Psychology

Diana Macela Franco Duran, Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering

Joseph Slagel, Ph.D., Mathematics

Cortney Steelel, Ph.D., Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise

Martina Svyantek, Ph.D., Individualized Interdisciplinary Ph.D.


Negin Forouzesh, Computer Science and PhysicsEllen Garcia, Biological SciencesTrey Rogers, PhilosophyKate Vaiknoras, Agricultural and Applied EconomicsNicole Ward, Biological Sciences


Nicole Arnold, Food Science & Technology
Jarrod Blair, Philosophy
Erin Connelly, Materials Science & Engineering
Diane Eilerts, Biochemistry
Shadisadat Esmaeili, Physics & Educational Psychology
Anna Fausnacht, Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise
Kirsten Felice, Chemistry
Britton Hipple, Biochemistry
Leanna Ireland, Sociology
Yousef Jalali, Engineering Education
Chelsea Lyles, Higher Education
Anurag Mantha, Civil & Environmental Engineering
John Morelock, Engineering Education
Joel M Serrano, Chemistry


Laura Hanzly, Biological Systems Engineering
Melissa Kenny, Biomedical Engineering & Mechanics
Katarina Krizova, Human Development, Marriage & Family Therapy
Racheida Lewis, Engineering Education
Nidhi Menon, Translational Biology, Medicine & Health (Interdisciplinary
Mary Nedela, Human Development/Marriage & Family Therapy
Alexandria Noble, Engineering
Rachel Rupnow, Mathematics
Anthony Sczurek, ASPECT
Jyotsana Sharma, Counselor Education
Andrew Valdespino, Psychology
Shelby E. Ward, ASPECT
Hanlie Wessels, Chemistry

Bethany Wolters, CSES (2017)Trevor Jamerson, Sociology
Laura Savage, Industrial & System Engineering
Kari Zacharias, Science, Technology, and Society


Laura Hanzly, Biological Systems Engineering
Nicole J Johnson, Higher Education
Elizabeth Spingola, Engineering Education
Jennifer Turner, Sociology
Hanilie Wesseis, Chemistry
Kelli Karcher, Mathematics
Yasaman Shahtaheri, Construction Engineering, and Management


Hypatia Alexandria, Planning and Global Governance

Mansooreh Ahmadian, Computer Science

Sarah Cloft, Animal and Poultry Sciences

Mahtot Gebresselassie, Urban Affairs and Planning 

Genevieve Gural, Mechanical Engineering

Hannah Leventhal, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Hesam Mahmoudi, Management Systems Engineering

Jessie Mann, Translational Biology Medicine and Health 

Aaron Oxendine, Animal and Poultry Sciences


Ernesto Acosta, Planning, Governance, & Globalization
Mohammed Almannaa, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mohammed Baaoum, Industrial and Civil Engineering
Jon Bunting, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Diana Devine, Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise
Abram Diaz-Strandberg, Mechanical Engineering
Michelle Dowling, Computer Science
Stephanie Edwards, Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise
Efon Epanty, Planning, Governance and Globalization
Sara Harrell, Landscape Architecture
Devin Hoffman, Geosciences
Alexis Hruby, Dairy Science
Allison Hutchison, Rhetoric & Writing
Cindy Klimatis, Educational Leadership
Dana Korneisel, Geosciences
Andrew Kulak, English
Dan Li, Landscape Architecture
Paul Magnant, Public Administration & Public Policy
Michael Marston, Geospatial & Environmental Analysis
Chris McCullough, Horticulture
Laura Nelson, Human Development & Family Science
Jacquelyn Prestegaard, Dairy Science
Jessica Stephen Premo, Human Development & Family Science
Jessica Resor, Human Development & Family Science
Patrick Sullivan, Computer Science
Imen Tanniche, Biological Systems Engineering
Pyrros A Telionis, Genetics, Bioinformatics, & Computational Biology
Xuemei Zhang, Plant Pathology, Physiology, & Weed Science


Awad Abdelhalim, Civil Engineering
Abdelwahab Al-Hammadi, Civil Engineering
Hani Awni, Mechanical EngineeringSarah Donnelly, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Rob Flahive, ASPECT
Negin Forouzesh, Computer Science
Emily Garner, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bennett Grooms, Fish & Wildlife ConservationSi-Hua Chang, Philosophy
Audra Jenson, Philosophy
Sarang Joshi, Computer Science
Ravi Kishore, Mechanical Engineering
Heather Kissel, Psychology
Carlos Mantilla Peña, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Rebekah Martin, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Apratim Mukherjee, Mechanical Engineering
Sudipta Mukherjee, Marketing
Michelle Murray, Human Development & Family Studies
Brittany Nackley, Psychology
Jameson Natwick, Human Development & Family Studies
Brett R. Netto, School of Public and International Affairs – Planning, Governance, and Globalization
Christopher Savage, School of Education
Unnati Sonawala, Plant Pathology, Physiology, & Weed Science
Bradford Stucki, Human Development – Marriage and Family Therapy


Anthony Millican, Aerospace & Ocean Engineering
Amanda Sain, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Kevin Krost, Educational Research & Evaluation
Aaron Ogletree, Human Development
Kaveh Rahimi, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mubashir Ansari, Chemical Engineering
Ryan Horn, Marketing Sarang Joshi, Computer Science


Mari Lehtimaki*, Dairy Science
Jennifer Henderson*, Science and Technology Studies
Maria Stack*, Education Research and Evaluation
Ivette Valenzuela*, Biomed and Veterinary Science
Nicole J. Johnson*, Higher Education
Jonathan Waldron*, Psychology
Scott Walker*, Engineering Education

* Founding member

Sreyoshi Bhaduri, Ph.D., Fellow (Engineering Education, 2017)
Tariq Abuhamdia, Ph.D., Member (Mechanical Engineering, 2017)
Ashish Agrawal, Ph.D., Member (Mechanical Engineering, 2018)
Rajesh Bawa, Ph.D., Member (Forest Resources, and Environmental Conservation, 2017)
Kenneth Black, Ph.D., Fellow (Architecture, 2017)*
Anne M. Brown, Ph.D., Associate (Biochemistry, 2016)
Matthew Chan, Ph.D., Associate (Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2017)
Ryan Cook, Ph.D., Associate (Counseling Education, 2015)
Ray David, Ph.D., Member (Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2016)
Morgan Davies, MA, Member (Philosophy, 2017)
Bahareh Estejab, Ph.D., Member (Mechanical Engineering, 2016)
Amanda Halliburton*, Ph.D., (Psychology, 2016)
Ryan Horn, MS, Member (Marketing, 2016)
Jeena Jayamon, Ph.D., Member (Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2017)
Shabnam Kavousi Ph.D., Associate (Architecture 2015)
Alison Kernell Burke, Ph.D., Associate (Biological Sciences/Microbiology, 2015)
Yesim Keskin, Ph.D., Associate (Human Development/Marriage & Family Therapy, 2017)
Jordan L. Laney*, Ph.D., Fellow (ASPECT, 2018)
Erin Lavender-Stott*, Ph.D., Fellow (Human Development/Family Studies, 2017)
Darren Maczka, Ph.D., Fellow (Engineering Education, 2019)
Walter McDonald, Ph.D., Member (Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2016)
Elham Mohammed Zadeh, Ph.D., Member (SBIO, 2016)
Homero Murzi, Ph.D., Associate (Engineering Education, 2016) 
Maria E. Nieves-Melendez, Ph.D., Associate (Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2017)
Renee Pietsch, Ph.D., Member (Biological Science, 2016)
Gregory Purdy, Ph.D., Member (Industrial & Systems Engineering, 2016) 
Julio Roa, Ph.D., Fellow (Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2018)
Micah Roediger, Ph.D., Fellow (Psychology, 2018)
Christopher Savage, MA, Member (Education, 2018)
Mohammed Seyam, Ph.D., Fellow (Computer Science, 2017) 
Manisha Shrestha, Ph.D., Associate (Biological Sciences, 2017)
Anjelica Smith, MA, Associate (Communication, 2017)
Michelle Soledad, Ph.D., Fellow (Engineering Education, 2019)
Michael Stewart, Ph.D., Associate (Human-Computer Interaction, 2015)
Kaetlin Taylor, MA, Member (Philosophy, 2017)
Raven Weaver, Ph.D., Associate (Human Development, 2017)
Nina Wilson, Ph.D., Member (Plant Pathology, Physiology, & Weed Science, 2017)
Lindsay Whittaker, MS, Fellow (Philosophy, 2018)

* Founding member

Matthew Chan, Ph.D., Associate (Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2017)
Jordan L. Laney*, Ph.D., Fellow (ASPECT, 2018)
Homero Murzi, Ph.D., Associate (Engineering Education, 2016)
Gregory Purdy, Ph.D., Member (Industrial & Systems Engineering, 2016)
Mohammed Seyam, Ph.D., Fellow (Computer Science, 2017)

* Founding member