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Graduate Education Development Institute (GEDI)

Graduate Education Development Institute
Transformative Graduate Education emphasizes a critically engaged understanding and use of technology. To better integrate the critical application of educational technology, the Graduate School and Learning Technologies collaboratively developed an interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and technology initiative. Created by Dr. Shelli B. Fowler, the Graduate Education Development Institute (GEDI), complements the professional development mentoring that graduate students receive in their departments by creating a multidisciplinary site for graduate students to define their pedagogical praxis via inquiry-based and technology-enriched active learning.

Our TGE program is unique in that it offers all of the aforementioned components as an integrated whole, effectively broadening our students' educational experience. As future faculty and emerging professionals, our students have the opportunity to change how they define themselves, their departments, their professional fields, their own companies, among various other institutions. Expanding professional development opportunities available to graduate students affects how these future faculty will mentor, teach, and involve their own students in understanding the diverse complexities of the local/regional/national/global societies in which they live and work.