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Bring Your Kids to School Day

Bring Your Kids to School Day at the Graduate School with families and children, dean Karen DePauw and President Sands and Laura Sands.

BYKTS Day 2016

Each year since 2016, the Graduate School Office of Child Care Initiatives has hosted a Bring Your Children to School Day at Virginia Tech to highlight students’ need for affordable child care, and to help foster a sense of inclusion and welcome in the graduate community.

Marin Riegger, Graduate School child care coordinator, said the program aimed “to demonstrate the size and scale of the child-care issue at Virginia Tech. Families pushed for this because there is no child care available right now in this area for infants and toddlers.” She also noted that affordable child care can be a factor when prospective students, staff members and faculty decide whether to attend or work for the University.

Below are some images from the 2016 event. 

The event is usually held on a morning in April. The Graduate School communicates with graduate program coordinators and directors about the event each year and offers suggestions for providing spaces and activities for the children during the morning hours. Families and friends are invited to gather on the Graduate School lawn at about noon for a walk with Dean DePauw to the Drillfield, where a speaker shares remarks, and families can have a picnic lunch. The Graduate School and local programs provide activities and treats.

Similar events are held at the university’s Falls Church and Roanoke campuses.

Watch for news of the 2018 event. We will share information as soon as plans are finalized.

Here are some photos from the 2017 event.