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Tuesday, March 23

Virtual Writing Series: How to Be a Good Collaborator
12:00-1:00pm, Zoom
Dr. Monique Dufour, Assistant Professor in the Department of History, and Dr. Justin Grimes, Assistant Director of the Office of Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion will lead this virtual writing session. Students will have opportunities to learn about ways to negotiate authorship and establish a healthy writing collaboration. This event is free. Registration is required and will close on March 22 at 11am.                                                                 

VTGrATE Teach-In: "Virtual Learning"
3:00-6:00pm, Zoom
Join VTGrATE fellows and special guests for the entire afternoon or pick and choose the sessions that are interesting to you.  Each workshop is a 20-minute presentation with 5 minutes of Q&A.  The final session is a panel discussion that will be 30 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes of Q&A with the panelists.  Following the closing remarks will be a brief networking session. Visit the VTGrATE website for a detailed schedule. Zoom registration is required.

GSA Research Symposium & Exposition - "Research Carries On" - Day 2
3:00-7:00pm, Zoom
The Gradaute Student Assembly Research Symposium and Exposition is a unique opportunity for graduate students at Virginia Tech to showcase their scholarly pursuits and achievements, and brings together ideas and research findings from different disciplines. Zoom link to watch the presentations is coming soon. More information about the symposium can be found on the GSA website.

Networking Tips for Introverts
4:00-5:00pm, Zoom
Does hearing the word "networking" give you anxiety? You're not alone, especially if you tend to be introverted. During this interactive workshop, you'll learn about what introversion really means and how you can leverage that personality preference to your advantage while networking. We'll be joined with a recruiter from CapTech Consulting to learn tips on networking, particularly in virtual settings, from a local employer. Questions about this workshop may be directed to the Graduate School Career Advisor: Sign-up on Handshake: