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HBCU/MSI Summit 2020 FAQs

Dean Karen DePauw chats with faculty members at a research summit dinner
Dean Karen DePauw chats with faculty members at a research summit dinner

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What does the term(s) HBCU/MSI mean?

HBCU is an acronym for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

MSI is an acronym for Minority Serving Institutions. The terms may be interchanged throughout the Summit.

What Platform will be used for the Summit?

We will use Brazen for the 2020 Summit. Brazen is a virtual recruitment platform that gives you the option to text-style chat, video chat, and design your virtual space in a career fair style.

What options do I have for attending?

Attendee: Attendees are VT faculty members not joining or facilitating a booth, they will complete the general registration form through Brazen. You will not have the option to speak with HBCU registrants in attendance of the event.

Collaborator/Booth Holder: VT faculty members who are facilitating a booth. You may exit your booth to visit others at any time during the event. You may also invite other collaborators to join your booth to maximize the experience.

Can faculty members attend the HBCU/MSI Research Summit Student Day?

Yes. However, you must register separately.

What is the cost of participation for the summit?  

This event is free for all to attend.

How are Degree Partnerships defined?

Discussions regarding the feasibility of shared degree programs between the HBCUs and MSIs and Virginia Tech programs. These may lead to an MOU (memorandum of understanding), for which the department can develop the definition. 

Who do I contact for additional information regarding the Summit?

Please contact the Office of Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion at