IGEP Haiku

Image of two people drawing circles in black ink on white poster paper as they work on a Human-centered Design project

Several Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs (IGEPs) shared haiku (short-form poems) at the Fall 2018 Interdisciplinary Program reception hosted by the Graduate School. We're sharing several of those haiku here. Enjoy!

From nature we learn

To design our surroundings

And sustain our earth.


Sharing planet earth

plants, bugs, birds, fish, beasts,

people can we build for all?



Buildings can evolve as well

Nature knows no waste


Designed living standards,

symbiotic integration scaled,

built transformation.

Earthquake. Flood. Fire. Storm. 

Working across boundaries 

To raise resilience.

One equals many
working together unveils
empathic results


To know their culture
self as data instrument


Don't know, understand,
participate and observe,
gaining empathy.


Design for others
Element of empathy
is the ultimate


Not for aliens.

Honestly, no squares allowed.

Go out and observe.


Empathize, Design
To Participate is Key

Global change is real

Science informs how to help

Let’s start acting now!


The world is changing

Nature’s cycles can’t explain



Four birds on a branch

There used to be many more

Their habitat lost


Tree of heaven quakes

Orange seeds fall to the ground

Silently spreading


The fish used to jump

Now the green lake is quiet

No more clear water


The cicadas sing

The summer seems longer now

Do they count the days?


Flora and fauna

Are complicated enough

Then add people ... Phew!

Molecules bouncing

Curious researchers watch

Never-ending joy


Mysterious cells

So full of endless secrets

That slowly reveal


Building blocks of life

Talking to their surroundings

Discreet, we listen


Building blocks of life

All sizes, interacting

How do they do this?


Tease life’s clever web,
metamorphosis reveal;
honest flattery

Sensors all around

Sensing the seen and unseen

We make sense of it

Six tracks of focus

Learning about translation

In the Star City

Fat cells white and brown.

Eating well in Blacksburg town.

Translate the science!

First the pipettor,

A T G C will confirm,

testing in the field.


From dark barren earth

Green shoots give tasty sugar

Who will tell us how?


From seed doth plant grow,

How does this process occur?

Learn TPS shall


From root to flower

The more they grow, more we know

Endless plant research


Plants are amazing

And it's their complexity

We strive to resolve


Plant Science creates

Knowledge for food, air, and life.

This is TPS.

What is your mission?

Provide clean water to humans

Soothes the dry spirit