Students who are found guilty of an Honor Code violation may appeal the decision by writing to the Dean of the Graduate School. Notice of appeal must be given within five (5) University business days of receiving written notification of the verdict and penalty. 

The appeal is not a retrial of the case, and it must be based on one of the following three grounds:

1. Failure of the Graduate Honor System to follow proper procedures, 
2. Introduction of new evidence, and/or 
3. Severity of the penalty.

The Dean of the Graduate School convenes an appeals board to help in this decision. In case the GHS has failed to follow proper procedures, the student is acquitted and the case is closed. If new evidence is found to be relevant to the case, a new judicial panel hearing is granted to re-hear the case with a new panel. If the penalty is determined to be too severe, a lower penalty may be given, but the finding of guilt may not be appealed. 

For complete information on appeals, please refer to the GHS Constitution, Article VI, Section 2.