How to become a Diversity Scholar

How do I become a Diversity Scholar?

Diversity Scholars are chosen based upon their competency and experiences in diversity and inclusion, knowledge about cultural differences, and belief in the Virginia Tech Principles of Community.  A nomination (including self-nomination) and an application are required.

Minimum eligibility requirements must be met to apply or be nominated; these requirements include:

  • Must be a current, full-time graduate student
  • Must be in good standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Nominations are due by Friday, November 29.

Applications are due by Friday, December 13, and must include:

  1. A recent copy of your C.V./Resume.
  2. A brief proposal (overview/extended abstract).
  3. A one-page, draft timeline of the steps required to carry out the project.
  4. A complete budget that provides an idea of how much funding (<$500) you will need to carry out your project.

NOTE: Additional details and instructions available on the application website. Applications are due no later than Friday, December 13.

What can I do to prepare for the project?

To demonstrate competency in diversity and inclusion, applicants are encouraged to take GRAD 5984: Diversity and Inclusion for A Global Society, or to demonstrate knowledge based on past experience (e.g., work with diversity and/or inclusion) or course work (e.g., counselor education, sociology).

How much time will I have to commit as a Diversity Scholar?

The program officially takes place in the spring semester but projects/initiatives can be implemented year round. There will be bi-monthly or monthly group meetings and training sessions, which will be scheduled with group input. In late April or early May, Diversity Scholars will present their initiatives to the University community at the annual Diversity Spotlight event.

How will I be recognized as Diversity Scholar?

Each diversity scholar brings gifts of service, culture, and experience. As recognition of these gifts, each scholar will receive $300 for the contributions offered to the university. Additionally, if a student presents their project at a conference, the Graduate School will assist with the conference fees and/or travel, with approval.

Remember that nominations are due November 29 and application materials are due December 13, 2019.