Christian Matheis

Dr. Christian Matheis directs the Graduate School's recruitment efforts in coordination with the university's graduate programs, and manages our inclusion and diversity programs. He also serves as a visiting assistant professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech.

Matheis specializes in scholarship and practice that bridge social and political philosophy, public policy, and direct-action organizing. In particular, his work emphasizes how philosophy of liberation and liberatory movements can play a key role in addressing contemporary ethical and political problems. His teaching and research concentrations include topics such as solidarity, refugees, feminism, race, indigeneity, power and policy, and global justice.

In addition to his regular teaching and research, he provides training in areas of human relations facilitation, intergroup dialogue, grassroots direct-action organizing, and on other topics.

Matheis received a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, and earned both an master's degree in Applied Ethics and bachelor's degree in Psychology from Oregon State University.