A view of Switzerland during a Global Perspectives Program visit

Vanessa Alphonse, PhD Student – Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Kenneth Black, PhD Student – Architecture and Design Research

Ryan Cook, PhD Student – Counselor Education and Supervision

Ray David, PhD Student – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Noha ElSherbiny, PhD Student – Computer Science

Claudia Howell, PhD Student – Counselor Education and Supervision

Erin Lavender-Stott, PhD Student – Human Development

Christian Matheis, PhD Student – Ethical and Political Thought

Emilia Munoz, Masters Student – Creative Technologies

Homero Murzi Escobar, PhD Student – Engineering Education

Scott O’Neal, PhD Student – Entomology

Adam Phillips, PhD Student – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Gregory Purdy, PhD Student – Industrial and Systems Engineering

Daniel Tekiela, PhD Student – Weed Ecology

Michael Stewart, Global Perspectives Fellow; PhD Student – Human Computer Interaction

Matt Chan, PhD Student – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kevin Geyer, PhD Candidate – Biological Sciences

Katy Gieder, PhD Student – Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Jake Grohs, PhD Student – Educational Psychology

Jen Henderson, PhD Student – Science and Technology Studies

Connie Jones, PhD Student – Counselor Education and Supervision

Matt Schroeder, PhD Candidate – Food Science and Technology

Maria Stack, PhD Candidate – Educational Research and Evaluation

Mallory Taylor, Masters Candidate – Hospitality and Tourism Management

Joy Thompson, PhD Student – Sociology

Sarah Ulrich, PhD Student – Geosciences

Ivette Valenzuela, PhD Candidate – Population Health Sciences

Michel Vargas, PhD Student – Materials Science and Engineering

Justin Shanks, Global Perspectives Fellow

Angela Anderson, PhD candidate – Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

Libby Anthony, PhD candidate – Rhetoric and Writing

Sreyoshi Bhaduri, PhD student – Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey Brunton, Master’s degree student – Agricultural & Extension Education

Kevin Buffardi, PhD Candidate – Computer Science

Catharine Cowan, PhD Student – Immunology and Veterinary Medicine

Mike Ekoniak, PhD Student – Engineering Education

Jonathan Fink, PhD Student – Educational Psychology

David Henry, Masters Student – Industrial Systems Engineering

Nicole Johnson, PhD Student – Education Leadership and Policy Studies

Sheldon Masters, PhD Candidate – Civil & Environmental Engineering

Kenneth Sands, PhD Student – Environmental Design and Planning

Amanda Watson, PhD Student – Developmental and Biological Psychology       

Justin Shanks, Global Perspectives Fellow and PhD Candidate – Science and Technology Studies

Javiera Bahamonde-Azcuy, PhD Student – Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Amy Carrozzino-Lyon, PhD Candidate – Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Sean Conaway, MFA Candidate – Creative Writing

Margo Duckson, PhD Student – Food Science and Technology

Rebecca Halvorson, PhD Candidate – Environmental and Water Resources, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Alice Houk, PhD Student – Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences

Jessica Maitland, PhD Student – Food Science and Technology

Jared McGinley, PhD Student – Biological Psychology

Matthew Sharp, PhD Candidate – Rhetoric and Writing

Katelin Shugart-Schmidt, Masters Student – Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Adam Smith, PhD Student – Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science

Milagros “Mili” Tenga, PhD Student – Biological Sciences

David Thornblad, PhD Student – Business, Management

Jennifer Tolley, Master’s degree Student – Engineering Mechanics

Justin Shanks, Global Perspectives Fellow and PhD Student – Science and Technology Studies

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