Connections Poster from 2010 Citizen Scholars project
Poster for "Connections: A Community Arts Project," a 2010 Citizen Scholar project.

Kenneth Black, Architecture and Design Research

Project: It's a Sketch Away

Anna Erwin, Planning Governance, and Globalization

Project: Roanoke Food Systems

Holly Grant, Mathematics

Project: "Time for Slime," at the Virginia Science Festival

Sarah Halvorson-Fried, Urban and Regional Planning

Project: Involvement and Research with the Employment and Income Gap Issue Group of the Dialogue on Race

Andrea Hamre, Urban Affairs and Planning

Project: Citizen Engagement at the Local and Regional Level in the Washington, DC Area

Rachael Kennedy, Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

Project: Cutivating a Regional Food System Plan

Siddhartha Roy, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project: Tackling wastewater issues of a Guatemalan school: Sustainable approach and implementation

Berk Uslu, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Project: Development of Engagement and Outreach Program for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management

Anne M. Brown, Biochemistry

Project: Implementation and assessment of one-on-one companion visit kits for dementia residents in a continuing care facility

Matt Browning, Forest Research and Environment

Project: Investigating how and why different ethnic/racial groups visit and support informal leisure settings differently

Bahareh Estejab, Mechanical Engineering

Project: Determining students’ level of knowledge on energy issues, and educating students on possibilities of substitution by providing information about renewable sources of energy

Leonard Grant, III, English

Project: The Seminar for Lifelong Learners

Toni Marie Mapuana Kaui, Teaching and Learning

Project: Imiloa Astronomy Center Mobile Science Outreach Project

Lele Kimball, Forest Research and Environment Conservation

Project: Fruit and nut trees on Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus

Mary Minarovich-Cheniae, Educational Research and Evaluation

Project: Qualitative Data Analysis for the director of VT Engage

Tammy Parece, Geography

Project: Promoting STEM in K-12 with meteorology

Tana Schiewer, English

Project: Compelling Messages: Working with nonprofits to develop strong communications

Mallory B. Taylor, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Project: Montgomery County Hiking Trail Guide

Ivette G. Valenzuela, Population Health Science

Project:Type 2 diabetes Outcomes for Hispanic Adults in a Community-based Lifestyle Intervention Program Delivered in Partnership with Catholic Churches

Elham Mohammad Zadeh, Sustainable Biomaterials

Project: Acceptability of different kinds of edible packaging

Shaimaa A. Abdalla, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project:  Willingly An Open Invitation to Skin Cancer?

Samantha J. Blevin,  Curriculum and Instruction

Project: Intercollegiate Horse Show Association EQUUS Scholar National Assessment

C. L. Bohannon, Landscape Architecture

Project: Hurt Park Community Garden

Gardner Burg, Landscape Architecture

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Jon Catherwood-Ginn, Theatre Arts

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Eric Hodges, Planning, Governance, and Globalization

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Elizabeth C. S. Jamison, ASPECT

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Lyusyena Kirakosyan, ASPECT

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Sarah Lyon-Hill, Planning, Goverance, and Globalization

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Katherine Preston, Public Administration/Public Affairs

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Jackie Pontious, Urban and Regional Planning

Project: Participation in Community Voices

Caitlin Rivers, Population Health Sciences and Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology

Project: Epidemiological Analysis of the Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

Holly Timme, Mathematics

Project: Why Do Doctors Need Math to Treat Diabetes?

Michael P. Torrens-Spenc, Biochemistry

Project:  Blacksburg High School Protein Crystallography Outreach Laboratory


Davis Bailey, Learning Science and Technology

Project: Operations Manager for "Connections: A Community Arts Project"

C.L. Bohannon, Landscape Architecture

Project: Facilitating the design and implementation of the Hurt Park Community Garden project in Roanoke

Brandon Brink-Halloran, Urban and Regional Planning

Project: Participated in the Global Dialogue for Responsibility project

Jonathan Duggins, Statistics

Project: Developed a series of short courses to help grad students incorporate statistics into their research

Deepu George, Human Development

Project: Director of "Connections: A Community Arts Project." The project provided a relational understanding of differences, diversities, similarities and possibilities

Leanna Horton, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Project: Facilitated the Montgomery High School High Tech Workshop on Human Factors

Karleigh Huff, Food Science and Technology

Project: Mentored a Giles County High School student with her science project

Olivera Jankovska, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Project: Coordinating educational and outreach activities for international students

Melissa Jones, Urban and Regional Planning

Project: Facilitated a Leadership Tech program focusing on issues of social justice

Sandeep Langar, Environmental Design and Planning

Project: Part of the Catawba Project, emphasizing the creation of a sustainability school

Manoj Mahapatra, Materials Science and Engineering

Project: Editor of the Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research

Katherine Mckee, Agricultural and Extension Education

Project: Built a community of practice for year-long Relay for Life projects, working as the GSA team captain

Ranjana Mehta, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Project: Facilitated the Montgomery High School High Tech Workshop on Human Factors

Jonathan Moore, Biological Sciences

Project: Developing a public education model for avian ecology in Richmond, Virginia

Thomas Moore, Urban and Regional Planning

Project: Conducted market analysis and feasibility study on green business opportunities in Floyd, Virginia

Amanda Olejarski, Center for Public Policy and Administration

Project: Research project to aid public administrators better understand eminent domain

Amanda Cronin Rumore, Biological Sciences

Project: Developing the  Mobile Science Exploration, Education, and Discovery Unit (MSEED-U) to take science labs to local schools

Ryan Smith, Psychology

Project: Development and implementation of a project to combat and study alcohol abuse in downtown Blacksburg

Alison St.Clair, Civil Engineering

Project: Student Coordinator for the No-Dig 2010 Conference in Chicago

Mojtaba Taiebar, Architecture

Project: Directed a project to incorporate Building Information Modeling (BIM) into construction education

Aly Tawfik, Engineering

Project: Worked four parallel tracks associated with citizen engagement

Katie Trozzo, Forest Resources and Environmental Concerns

Project: Developing a riparian conservation project at the Catawba Sustainability Center

Ellen Bielema, Teaching and Learning

Project: College Bound is a transition program for high school juniors, seniors and incoming college freshman with disabilities who are interested in or planning to attend college

Bradley Miller, Forestry

Project: I started the Graduates Assisting Public Scholarship (GAPS) group at Virginia Tech in Spring 2008  

Reza Montazami, Materials Science and Engineering

Project: With the help of other graduate students, started a Materials Science and Engineering journal, publishing three volumes by Spring 2009

Kristen Pujari, Counselor Education

Project: My (CSE) project was two-fold, beginning with volunteering 40 hours in an existing Pro Bono Counseling Program called ARMS Reach, through the Mental Health Association of the New River Valley (MHANRV)

Elizabeth Abbey, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

Project:  A program called "Walk to Jerusalem" where community members walked 12,405 miles in a 12-week period

Osaro Airen, Counselor Education

Project: Created the "Making It Through High School, College, and More" mentoring program with the assistance of his fraternity and others

Laura Boutwell, Sociology

Paula Brown, School of Education

Kris Day, Counselor Education

Project: A project looking at the effectiveness of safety skills training in elementary schools

Leigh Lally, Architecture and Design Research

Project: Worked with undergraduate students interested in creating more sustainable communities.

Brandy McCann, Human Development

Christina Newman, Crop and Soil Sciences

Lynita Newswander, Planning, Governance, and Globalization

Project: Volunteered as a pack committee chair for local Cub Scout Pack 142

Nicole Rishel, International Affairs

Marcela Uribe, Education, Curriculum, and Instruction

Project: Guided her Leadership Tech group as they focused on issues related to hunger and homelessness

Jane Ann Williams, Political Science

Kathryn Webb-Farley, Public Administration/Public Affairs

Project: Worked with  undergraduate students interested in community vitality and leadership through Leadership Tech

Linsey Barke,  Industrial and Systems Engineering

John L. Butler IV, Human Development

Brendan J. Chan, Mechanical Engineering

Laura Freeman, Statistics

Meredith Katz, Sociology

Kimberly Matson, Animal and Poultry Science

Ennis McCrery, English, Creative Writing

Pinar Omur-Ozbek, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Pardha S. Pyl, Computer Science and Applications

Callie Raulf, Biochemistry

Darrell K. Shomake, Human Development

Antionette Stroter,  Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Tremayne Waller, Education, Curriculum and Instruction



Nadia Michele Aljabri, Communications

Sharnnia Artis,  Industrial and Systems Engineering

Lenese Colson, Teaching and Learning

Jessica Fleischman,  Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

Carlos Folgar, Materials and Science Engineering

Susan Holt, Materials and Science Engineering

Bryce Jorgensen, Human Development

Christelle Jullian, Materials and Science Engineering

Jamie Kalista, Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Osama Marzouk, Engineering Science and Mechanics

Rebecca Paskos, Urban Affairs and Planning

Nicole Sanderlin, Governance and International Affairs

Tamara Savelyeva, Career and Technical Education

Chris Strock, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Roy Sturgill, Jr., Civil and Environmental Engineering

Chastity Warren, Career and Technical Education

Curtis Wilkerson, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

Chandra Bowden, Crop and Environmental Sciences

Ben Davis Eichelberger, Materials and Science Engineering

Marc Fisher, Entomology

Bonnie Graham, Human Development

Chiquita Howard, Sociology

Nicole James, Sociology

Kayenda Johnson, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Anne Laughlin, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Greg Lemmond, Psychology

Morsi Mahmoud, Materials and Science Engineering

Navin Manjooran, Materials and Science Engineering

Amanda Martin, Biological Systems Engineering

Jocelyn Fraga Muller, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ersa Onat, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Ben Poquette, Materials and Science Engineering

Laurie Robertson, Science and Technology Studies

Dana Gregory Rose, Teaching and Learning

Carina Ruhlandt, Urban Affairs and Planning

Tracee Walker, Industrial and Systems Engineering

LaChelle Waller, Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology


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Alumni Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean Rosemary Blieszner  

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