Graduate Medical Insurance

Because of the possibility of serious illness or injury requiring treatment beyond the services of the Schiffert Health Center , students are encouraged to purchase medical insurance for themselves and their families. Virginia Tech offers an insurance plan for all full-time enrolled students. Purchasing this plan is optional for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. International students are required to purchase insurance coverage that meets university requirements for the duration of their stay.
Virginia Tech also offers students employed as graduate assistants (GAs, GRAs and GTAs) a partial subsidy for health insurance that covers 90% of the premium for the 500K plan for a single student. This benefit makes health insurance coverage more affordable. Go to the GA Insurance Benefit page to learn more.
The university sponsored insurance plan is managed by the Student Medical Insurance Office . This office can provide you with detailed information about the University's health insurance plan, coverage, costs, effective dates, and other relevant information.
At A Glance
Student Medical Insurance Office
110 Student Services Building (0361)
Blacksburg , VA 24061
Frequently Asked Questions about Student Medical Insurance
When will my insurance coverage begin?
As long as the Student Medical Insurance Office has accepted your application by September 15, your coverage will begin August 1, for one year.
When does my coverage end?
Coverage ends on July 31st .
Students who pay using payroll deduction will need to pay through May 16th for coverage that ends July 31st. If your assistantship ends before May, and you wish to continue your coverage, you should contact the Student Medical Insurance Office, 540/231-6226, and make a payment to the insurance company.
Are international students on assistantships eligible to sign up for this insurance plan?
Yes. International students on assistantships may select this coverage.
What is the payroll deduction option?
Graduate students who are employed through the university on graduate assistantships may choose to pay their premiums through payroll deduction. With payroll deduction, your premium is automatically taken out of your paycheck each pay period and you pay for your insurance plan (12 month coverage) over the nine months of the academic year (August through May).
Why should graduate assistants sign up for the payroll deduction option?
Graduate assistants who maintain at least a 50% assistantship (10 hours per week) during the academic year (or part of it), have purchased the university-sponsored health care plan, and are enrolled in the payroll deduction option will receive 90% of their insurance premium as a part of their assistantship package. The insurance benefit is prorated based on the assistantship appointment; to receive the full benefit, students must have a 50%-100% assistantship from August 10 to May 9 (18 full pay periods). Visit the GA Insurance Benefit web page for additional information.
How do I sign up for the payroll deduction option?
First, make sure that your hiring department entered your assistantship appointment on the Banner system. Then select the domestic or international GA, GTA, GRA plan on the Aetna enrollment site to purchase the university-sponsored insurance policy, or contact the Student Medical Insurance Office for assistance.
If my assistantship doesn't begin until later in the year, can I start the payroll deduction then?
Yes. Contact the Student Medical Insurance Office once your assistantship is set up. Until then, you will need to pay your premiums quarterly, and you will receive only a portion of the insurance benefit.
When will my payroll deduction end?
If your assistantship is set up for the entire academic year, May 16th will be the last payroll deduction. You will pay the full 12-month premium during the 9 months of your assistantship.