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Your request should include:

  • Your name

  • Your phone number, email, and address

  • Phone number, email, and address of the person in charge of the event, if different from yourself (if you're requesting the room as an individual student, you must be the one who picks up the key)

  • Your organization or department. Only individual graduate students, graduate student organizations, student organizations with graduate student members, and university departments whose event supports graduate education may reserve rooms  See authorized organizations >>

  • Event dates

  • Event start and end times  See room access policies >>

  • Event title

  • Event description and how it relates to graduate education or student life

  • Number of people expected to attend

  • Equipment needs, if any  See equipment rental policy >>

  • Preferred room, if known

  • Tell us whether you are you serving food  See food policies >>

  • Would you like to include it on the GLC calendar of events? If so, provide a brief description of the event and contact details