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Interested in studying at Virginia Tech?
Please read a special message from our Dean, Dr. Karen DePauw.

Application Requirements
Students are strongly encouraged to apply online. Applying online streamlines the application process and reduces processing time.

Mail application materials to:

Graduate Admissions (0325)
Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown
Graduate School, Virginia Tech
155 Otey Street NW
Blacksburg, VA 24061

All required documents must be received by the Graduate School by the application deadline in order for your application to be complete. Please ensure that your application contains the following:

Formal application
Complete and submit your application online.

Please see section below regarding applying online and transcript submission.

Letters of recommendation
We strongly encourage applicants to have online recommendations completed. You will be asked to provide names and email addresses for each of your references in your online application. If applicants choose to have paper letters of recommendation submitted, the letters should be sent directly to the academic department to which you are applying.

Test scores (if applicable to the department to which you are applying)
Test scores such as the TOEFL and GRE/GMAT should be sent to the Graduate School, institution code 5859. There is no department code. Please have the testing authority submit your scores to Virginia Tech directly. If you submit the scores with your application, only official, sealed copies will be accepted. Virginia Tech will accept IELTS scores of 6.5 or higher in lieu of the TOEFL.

Testing Requirements
GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) requirements vary for both international and domestic students by department. For example, applicants to the Pamplin College of Business are required to submit the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) instead of the GRE. Check the department listings above for details.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores are required of all international students whose first language is not English, except those applicants who have graduated from an accredited university where English is the language of instruction. To have the TOEFL requirement waived, the degree must be awarded. The TOEFL waiver will be coded into the application by the Graduate School upon receipt and review of the transcript showing degree conferral and medium of instruction was English. The university-wide minimum requirement is 80 for Internet, 213 for Computer, and 550 for paper; However, some departments require a higher score. TOEFL scores are not required of US permanent residents and US naturalized citizens. It is Graduate School policy to administer an English placement test (EPT) upon enrollment to international graduate students with TOEFL scores below certain minimums; see the Graduate Catalog for details.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is accepted. A 6.5 minimum is required to apply.

Official test scores should be sent to the Virginia Tech Graduate School, institution code 5859. Do not enter a department code.

Application Deadlines
We encourage applicants to submit their complete applications, including supplemental materials, early to allow sufficient time for application processing. International applicants must be accepted by the Graduate School no later than May 15 for fall and October 15 for spring to allow sufficient time for immigration processes and travel.

Each department may have its own application deadline and you should check with them to assure that all materials are received in a timely manner.

Prospective students seeking scholarships and loans should contact the Virginia Tech Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid for financial aid deadlines.

The following application and decision deadlines have been established for the upcoming entry terms:
 Summer I
 Summer II


August 1

January 1

May 1

June 1

Dept. Decision

August 15

January 15

May 15

June 15


April 1

September 1

January 1

February 1

Dept. Decision

May 15

October 15

February 15

March 15

Note: Application & Decision deadlines are suggested by the Graduate School and may not be the final timeframe in which academic departments are able to consider applications or complete their recommendations for admission.

* Students seeking assistantships for funding should submit all required admissions materials by January 15th for full consideration.

Please note that International students must have a decision on their applications no later than the deadlines indicated for the terms shown above.  Any decisions made after these timeframes need to be approved in advance and on a case-by-case basis, by the Graduate School's International Graduate Student Services staff.  The contact email is

For those in the National Capital Region, please contact

Degree seeking applicants must pay a $75 non-refundable application fee. Non-degree applicants and those former students who wish to re-admit must pay a non-refundable $25 application fee.

You are eligible for a Virginia Tech Graduate School application fee waiver only if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You are/were a McNair Scholar at your undergraduate institution.
  2. You participated in a Research Experience for Undergraduates program at Virginia Tech.
  3. You participated in a MAOP (Minority Academic Opportunities Program) summer program at Virginia Tech.
  4. You participated in VT PREP (Post-Baccalaureate Research and Education Program in the Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences).
  5. You participated in VT IMSD (Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity Program -  A PhD Fellowship Program in the Biomedical & Behavior Sciences).
  6. You are a VEF (Vietnam Education Foundation) Fellow.
  7. You are a GEM Consortium Scholar.
  8. You participated in VT AMP or LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation)
  9. You are returning from a Peace Corps assignment.
  10. You are active duty or veteran status.

*Fee wavier approval must be received prior to submitting an online application. To get a fee waiver, complete this form and send to or faxed to 540-231-1670. You should receive a response within one business day.

Teachers and other school administrators in Virginia qualify for a special reduced tuition rate and should complete the Request for Reduced Tuition Rate for Grades K-12 form. Additional information about tuition and fees.

Click on the link below to apply online. Applying online will expedite the processing of your application. The $75 non-refundable fee is valid for one year.
You can track your application's progress online once it has been submitted and processed. We will send you an e-mail providing instructions for checking your application status.

Apply Online Now

Current and Past Virginia Tech Undergraduate and Graduate Students
If you have completed coursework at Virginia Tech you do not need to submit those transcripts to the Graduate School. Please click here for more information.
Uploading a transcript
While completing your online application and prior to submitting it, you will be required to upload one copy of your scanned official transcript from each institution from which you have earned or will earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. Do not send transcripts for community college attendance or from any institution where you enrolled in classes but did not earn a degree.

Please do not mail your official transcripts to us until you have received an offer of admission from Virginia Tech. Please note that non-legible scans will not be accepted. Make sure your scanned documents are legible before uploading, as non-legible documents will result in processing delays.

You may scan a copy of your official paper or electronic transcript provided to you from your institution's Registrar. Do NOT upload your institution's web-based academic record or a document stating it is not an official transcript. Make sure that all critical and identifying marks have been scanned and are legible.  These include the institution's name, your name, the names of your courses and the grades you have received. It is important that you scan both the front and back of your transcript as we will need to be able to review the information provided on the back of your transcript concerning credit hours, the institution's grading scale, etc. Please ensure that your file is in Word (.doc) or PDF format.

If you encounter issues with uploading your transcripts in your online application please contact

The process of uploading transcripts is intended to eliminate the need for you to mail in your transcripts, as our departments will be able to review your application based on your uploaded transcripts. If you are offered admission, you will be required to provide an official copy of your transcript(s) upon the awarding of your degree and its posting to your transcript prior to your enrollment at Virginia Tech.

The official transcripts showing degree conferral should be sent directly from your institution(s) to:
Virginia Tech Graduate Admissions
120 Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown
Mail Code 0325
155 Otey Street NW
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Virginia Tech reserves the right to rescind any offer of admission if any discrepancies are found between your uploaded and official transcript(s).
Paper Applications
If you are unable or choose not to apply online, you may download the application form.
Expedited applicant
If you missed the online application deadline for the current term, the only application available to you is the Expedited application. The complete Expedited Application is due no later than the Friday of the first week of classes for the semester in which you wish to enroll. The Expedited application is good for one time only and allows you to enroll in up to two courses for the current term. You must reapply for future term enrollment.

Apply Online using the Expedited Application 
(F-1 and J-1 visa holders are NOT eligible to complete the Expedited Application.)

The Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program is for Virginia Tech undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies at Virginia Tech. Students must be accepted into the program prior to the beginning of the semester in which they would enroll in courses to be used in the accelerated program. Students qualifying for the program must be in the last 12 months of their undergraduate degree. Additional details
Readmission and Change of Admission Status
Graduate students who have not been enrolled for more than one year must formally apply for Readmission.
Graduate students previously admitted to a degree who will be returning to the same degree level and the same degree program may apply online for Readmission. A $25 non-refundable fee is required. 
Student's who are Readmitting typically fall in to one of three categories.  Please identify which category best fits your situation and follow the appropriate deadlines and instructions for re-admitting.
Re-admitting to:

Public school teachers previously admitted to do professional certification coursework can also use the Readmission application. A $25 non-refundable fee is required.

Change of Admissions Status
Students classified as Commonwealth Campus (a type of non-degree status) who are requesting admission to degree status must submit a new online application to enter a degree program. 
A $75 non-refundable fee is required.

Change of Program
Students who have been awarded one masters degree and wish to return to graduate school in order to pursue a second masters degree must complete an online application for the second masters degree.

Students who have been enrolled in a masters degree, are currently inactive due to lapsed enrollment and who wish to return to graduate school in order to pursue a different masters degree must complete an online application for the new masters degree and inform the former graduate program in writing that a degree in that program will no longer be pursued.

Change of Degree and Program
Currently enrolled graduate students completing a masters degree who wish to pursue a PhD in another graduate program (masters in major A to PhD in major B) must complete an online application for the PhD degree.

Admissions Decisions
Once an applicant submits an application, a file is created containing support materials such as reference letters, test scores, transcripts, and other information. When the package is complete, information is reviewed by the prospective department. The head of the department and a departmental graduate committee will make a recommendation. With the department's recommendation, the Graduate School will make the final decision, and a letter from the dean of the Graduate School is sent to inform the student of the decision. Please allow six to eight weeks for a decision to be made.
Students who have applied for graduate admission and wish to defer the application to a future term must email the Graduate School at (indicating full name, ID number, current application term and the term to which to defer the application for consideration). If the deferral is for an enrollment term over one calendar year from the initial term applied for, the student will be charged a new application fee. The Graduate School will contact the student by email to arrange payment of this fee.

Students who have received an acceptance and wish to defer their enrollment to a future term must email their department and request the deferral (indicating full name, ID number, current admission term, and the term to which deferred enrollment is requested). If the department approves the deferral, the department graduate coordinator will notify the Graduate School to defer the enrollment. If the deferral is for an enrollment term over one calendar year from the initial term applied for, the student will be charged a new application fee. The Graduate School will contact the student by email to arrange payment of this fee.

Additional Assistance
For additional information or assistance, please contact the Graduate School.
Telephone: 540/231-8636

Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions