To better assist with admissions, advising, and progress to degree, the Graduate School is providing this online resource to deal with procedures that may need additional clarification from the policies and procedures in the Graduate Catalog and other university sources. These procedures are intended to augment existing policy and assist in accurate and efficient progress through the system.  

Justification of Old Coursework

Justification of "old" coursework ( >5 years old) included on the Plan of Study (POS) should be provided by the advisor and advisory committee at the time of POS submission. The purpose of such justification is to explain how the advisory committee will insure that the student is current in the subject matter of "old" coursework.

Late Registrations, Adds, and Withdrawals

The document outlines the procedures for late registrations, adds, and withdrawals.

Annual Reviews of Grad Student Progress

This information highlights good practices that appear to be effective in annual reviews of graduate student progress.

FAQ: Graduate Student Advisory Committees & Advisors

Common questions as who can serve on committees and as an advisor for graduate students.