Virginia Tech collaborates with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to explore research synergies.  This annual Summit allows faculty from Virginia Tech to identify partner faculty and students at HBCUs/MSIs to engage in summer research opportunities and grant proposals.  Virginia Tech faculty interested in growing collaborations with HBCUs/MSIs are encouraged to reach out to their College contact for participation.  The list of college liaisons is found here

Virginia Tech participants please register for this event here.

Faculty members who want to apply for a partnership with the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS), visit this page.

2017 HBCU/MSI Research Summit, October 15-16, The Inn at Virginia Tech

Faculty at HBCUs/MSIs are invited to consider attending this event. The registration link is found here.  

Students attending HBCUs/MSIs are encouraged to find a faculty advisor to sponsor thier participation. Registration for HBCU/MSI students is found here.

Tentative Schedule:

Sunday, October 15th

2pm-5pm        HBCU/MSI guests arrive at the Inn at Virginia Tech to check in

2:30-5:30pm    Campus Tours offered every half hour, leaving from hotel lobby

6pm                    Dinner and reception

8pm                    HBCU/MSI Alumni Student-only panel, New Classroom Building

                            Optional events for faculty guests (Arranged seperately)

Monday, October 16th

8am                    Breakfast hosted by Colleges and Departments

8am-noon      Customized itineraries hosted by Colleges and Departments

12:15pm        Check-out and Networking Lunch at the Inn at Virginia Tech

1:30pm            Final opportunity for a campus tour, leaving from hotel lobby

For more information about the HBCU/MSI Research Summit, reach out to a steering committee member.